Beating The Blahs With Oohs and Aahs…

First A Few Chuckles…

Via Binders Full Of Women From The Master Debater

Via “Binders full of women” ~ Mitt Romney, the man who would be president
And Yo Willard, Take Some Advice From Ned Stark

Via George Takei on Facebook

Then Some Inspirational Thoughts…

Images via The Better Man Project & Churchill Visions on Facebook
Also see The Better Man Project on WordPress

And Finally, Some Really Nice Music…

Via Gotye on YouTube

Is it just me, or does that video have a kinda “Yellow Submarine” / “Sledgehammer” thing going on? 😀

A “Must Have” Late Update…

Via Romney Shamelessly Plugging His New Mixed Tape

I want ice water.

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12 thoughts on “Beating The Blahs With Oohs and Aahs…

  1. I think that it has the “sledgehammer” thing for sure. However, everything is all so derivative that it is often just the nature of the beast. If you listen real hard you may even hear a bar or two of “On Top of Old Smoky”. Phillip

    PS I do like it and I am trying to be less critical.


    • No apologies necessary my friend. I struggle very hard against being critical myself. You’re right about the “derivative” nature of things these days though, but I remind myself how much that applies to my own “creations” as well. 😀


    • I’m so glad this gave you a chuckle Luddy. The “Clinton/Obama” image is what inspired this post, but that “R-Money – Binders Fulla Women” image is just off the hook! 😀


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