Things Worse Than Monsters Hide In The Mist!

“Monsters are real. Ghosts are real too. They live inside us.
And sometimes, they win.”

– Stephen King

I’m not sure which scares me more: Too much faith…

Or too little…

Song by Denez Prigent

The Mist (film) – Wikipedia
The Mist (2007) – IMDb
The Mist (2007) β€” Trailer [720p HD]
The Mist (2007) – HD Trailer

I want ice water.

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13 thoughts on “Things Worse Than Monsters Hide In The Mist!

  1. That movie really bothered me. At the end I was just Nooooooooooooo all over the place. How to live with that? The Hans Zimmer music also added to the poignancy. Zimmer has a way of doing that.


    • This is one of the most disturbing movies I’ve ever seen Poietes. I actually paused my recording to search for the first clip, thinking it would make for a helluva great post about religious fanaticism. It wasn’t until after I saw the ending that I realized how beautifully the movie outlined the “double-edged” nature of faith…


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