A Free-Fall Follow-Up

I just couldn’t resist doing an update to my Felix Baumgartner Completes Record-Setting Space Jump! post. Though I loved the content, if not the quality, of the “actual event” video included in that post, it occurs to me that it might not have been as much “fun” to watch for a lot of you as it was for me. With that in mind, I’m reblogging a couple of shorter, “prettier” videos from two of my fellow bloggers.

This first video is from The Friggin Loon, who may not have been as impressed with Baumgartner’s feat as I was but nevertheless posted a very nice video in honor of it:

Via So Felix Baumgartner Didn’t Explode

For piles of smiles, The Friggin Loon is always a good site to visit. 😀

This second video is from one of my very favorite sites for space-related stuff, Jason Major’s Lights in the Dark blog:

Via Man Falls to Earth From Space* and Lives!

Checking out the rest of Jason’s post is highly recommended! 😀

I want ice water.

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10 thoughts on “A Free-Fall Follow-Up

    • It was definitely the best of the “full jump” videos, but I would’ve preferred that it wasn’t of someone’s television screen. I posted these videos because they were much more polished. My big grin didn’t come until I saw him on the ground. Up til then, I was a stunned and drooling idiot sitting with his mouth hanging open! 😀


  1. This event was superb I watched it Live
    and it was truly groundbreaking stuff, can
    you imagine the view from the edge of our
    atmosphere? Wow brilliant 🙂

    I hope that your evening is going well Mak 🙂



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