Weird “Travel” Dreams…

For most people, with reasonable access to good dental care, these aren’t exactly the places they dream about going to. But for a disgracefully high number of us, places like this are kinda like the stuff that dreams are made of…

Images via 10 Coolest Dental Offices –

Medicare doesn’t cover dental. I dropped my Medicare Part B coverage because it covers the same things that I can get through the VA – without paying those budget-busting extra premiums. Unfortunately, only veterans whose disabilities are connected to their service in the military are eligible for dental care. I could get dental coverage through Medicaid, if I wasn’t disqualified by my “too high” SSD income.

For more, see America’s Dental Care Crisis

Which leaves me “ass out” as they say, and provides a whole other meaning for that “doughnut hole” thing those politicians are always jabbering about. So much for all that talk about Health Care Reform…


Smiley    Smiley    Smiley


I want ice water.

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12 thoughts on “Weird “Travel” Dreams…

  1. You’re not alone when it comes to dental care; I don’t understand why it’s still so expensive and often unattainable in this country. Quite a few years ago I had a tooth pulled, but my HMO (through my employer) wouldn’t pay for a denture because it was considered “cosmetic.” Here I always thought teeth were necessary for things like, oh, y’know, chewing and digesting food. Silly me. Dental care doesn’t seem to come up much with regard to health care reform. I’d be interested to know if our collective worsening teeth are contributing to our collective worsening health overall.

    What’s really interesting is how many of those dentists’ offices are candy-colored!


    • Oh Luddy, don’t get me started. Back when I was still working, my employer provided HMO refused to cover the pulling of a tooth that broke off because I went to a dentist outside their network. That tooth broke when I was attempting to eat a slice of pizza while driving between job sites on a road trip for my job. Later, when I was laid off for a short period and receiving unemployment with medicaid, a dentist told me that I had to wait until my teeth were bad enough to interfere with proper chewing and digesting before I could even get something as simple as a bridge. Now, when I have almost nothing left to chew with (and with the face of one of those hanging only by being attached to the gum since this morning), I have no access to dental care at all. Sad. Really sad.

      You’re right about those color schemes, but I’m hoping it has more to do with making kids comfortable than with reminding then of candy… 🙂


  2. I resolved early in life to make dental care a top priority for me and my family, realizing as Luddy’s Lens infers that dental health affects one’s overall health and not merely in masticating food. It would be nice if it were included in more government programs and it would in a perfect world where government care was provided holistically for all citizens, as I have often advocated it should. You are likely aware that dental decay and its associated bacteria can affect heart health.

    You have my sympathies, Mak. I hope you find a way to get your work done soon.


    • Thanks Jim. I know it’s no excuse, but health care (of any kind) just wasn’t a priority when I was growing up. Until the required physicals I had in the Air Force, I doubt I’d seen a doctor more than a half dozen times – and I’d never seen a dentist. Oddly enough, those Air Force physicals revealed not even a single cavity, though the dentist did warn me that the angle my wisdom teeth were coming in at would cause problems if I didn’t have them removed beforehand. I think my exact response was:

      “You want me to volunteer for surgery when I’m not even in pain? Let me get back to you on that.”

      Of course I never did, and my dental troubles started about 5 years later, with the tooth that broke off while I was eating pizza in the car…


  3. This kind of ‘treatment’ in the greatest country on earth (heard a million times in school) helped to form my ‘bad attitude’. The saving grace is a dentist that I have known since we were both kids. She takes the money when I have it and I am sure not to let her down. It was just a lucky
    break. Phillip


  4. Same here in part in the UK IzaakMak, the Dental NHS system is overloaded and most Dentist are now turning private… My own Dentists turned private around 6 yrs ago now and I stayed with him, alot left.. but the cost is enormous, as I pay £12 per month and still get charged the going rate for treatments, So why stay? I hear you saying, when NHS treatment is still the same charges.. more or less… Mainly because my dentist Ive been with for 37 yrs and hes darn good…
    My sister on the other hand has had one terrible time getting treatment as she couldnt afford such luxury and was passed from pillar to post through the dental circles..
    Yet those who are receiving benefits here in the UK get Free Dental Care…
    So Im sorry to hear IzaakMak of your own problems…
    Take care..


  5. I don’t have a dental plan per se. For someone with reasonably good teeth, they don’t make any sense. The last time I saw a dentist, I was told I needed a filling and a crown, for a total of about $1200. I figured out that even if I picked up dental insurance, with the copays, exclusions, and 50% limit on those things they do cover, I’d pay more in a year on premiums than the insurance would pay on that $1200. That said, I still haven’t been back to the dentist. Not sure when or how I picked up my fear of dentists, but yes, I’m one of those people.

    Anyway, hope you get whatever care you need. And soon.


    • You know PT, I’m thinking the cheapest thing for me to do at this point would be to have the few teeth I have left removed in favor of a set of dentures. Of course, that would have to be financed and my credit isn’t exactly the best…


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