Animated Debates

After running across this hilarious Obama / Romney “hair swap” image yesterday…

I decided that it was high time I did another post reflecting the silliness of the political process as it exists in America today. And boy did I hit gold over on Tumblr! My apologies to those who take this stuff seriously. I just can’t…

Most of these GIF images are from Gifwich, with a few tossed in (for good measure?) from bullshit mountain:

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I want ice water.

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18 thoughts on “Animated Debates

  1. I hate debates. We’re not voting for debater-in-chief.I don’t want instant answers.I want well-thought out answer, not sound bites. Its stupid. Look at them .They looked like kids fighting.


    • That’s precisely why I mock them so. It’s hard to respect a system that makes important decisions on little more than soundbites and. As far as I’m concerned, the only ones that benefit from such a system is the media – who act like ringmasters stage-managing a circus of freaks…


    • Dear renxkyoko: I too can’t stand the debates. So I took a walk and was fortunate to come upon a ‘Day of the Dead’ display in one of my neighbor’s yards. ‘Day of the Dead’ is a 3000 year old Aztec holiday/remembrance/celebration for those who have gone before. Google it; it is worth it. I have been taking photos for years and years and now I am forced into digital. I took a lot of pictures for a card for this year or probably next year. The corpse has come to chat with the family and talk of the good times. The family brought things that Uncle Pedro liked in life. Uncle Pedro lies back resting from his long journey and he is decomposed and dressed in the clothes he was buried in. He looks happy to see everyone and he is clutching a big can of his favorite “Modelo” beer. He and his friends are happy they made the journey from the other side to see their family and friends that they miss.

      I am having all kinds of issues with my ‘net book’ and I can’t get an image on line. Too bad; they look for all the world like friendly Zombies.

      Sincerely, Phillip


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