Update – Crystallize

First off, I want to apologize to everyone for not responding to your comments yesterday. I had to make another walk to the grocers and it aggravated my back and hip problem to the point where sitting at this desk was just way too painful. The “inspirational” posts I did in the morning before I left did have the “motivating” effect I’d hoped for though. The weather was gorgeous, with a bright blue sky filled with light puffy clouds, and the Fall changing of the trees was spectacular. Even the appearance of the grass was amazing, as it twinkled like fields of diamonds from sunlight reflecting off its blades in the light breeze.

Of course it did occur to me that what I was experiencing might have been a result of
A: My body’s “biochemical efforts” to fight off the pain, working in combination with
B: A residual “hallucinogenic afterglow” from Friday’s all day Fringe marathon… 🙄

Anyway, I searched out the following video after seeing Lindsey Stirling perform this beautiful song on one of the Saturday morning talk shows. After yesterday’s walk, and the thoughts it inspired of similar walks a couple of months from now, both the music and the imagery seem so totally appropriate now…

More great music at Lindsey Stirling on YouTube

I want ice water.

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23 thoughts on “Update – Crystallize

    • I never was must for “classical” style music, until those instruments started being merged with rock. But I’ve always liked “fiddling” style violin music, perhaps stemming from my “hillbilly” roots, which I read somewhere has Celtic origins. One performer that really helped awaken those roots was Máiréad Nesbitt from Celtic Woman:


  1. You know, that image is from the one episode of Fringe that I watched all the way through. I think my wife was out of town and the kids were doing something else, so I actually had the time to watch it. And I loved that scene. Particularly his voice and inflection when he said it. As if he were so excited by the prospect of making some LSD. He couldn’t wait. Not that he wanted to use it, he just enjoyed the work. I laughed my ass off. Great scene.


        • Hell Dood, they had to retrieve the man from an asylum at the start of the series. I’ve never been sure how much of his commitment there derived from his “recreational” use of chemicals, and how much of it derived from his having a piece of his own brain removed to prevent himself from destroying the universe in order to create a new one without the destructive presence of humans! 😯

          BTW, between the marathon and the premiere, they had to replace the missing brain parts so he’d have enough intellectual “oomph” to fight against an invasion from the future, and he had to temporarily “kill” the main character to stop his ex-partner (Leonard Nimoy) from using her to enact the plan he passed on to destroy and rebuild the universe! 😀


            • Oh yeah. He plays a totally brilliant and enigmatic “recurring” character named William Bell, whose appearance always comes as a big surprise because everyone keeps assuming he’s dead. One of his hallmarks is his ability to move between universes with the ring of a miniature bell in his office which, ironically, no one ever thinks to block his access to. I guess that’s because his just being there is such a surprise.

              Check out this (un-embeddable) clip from Fringe 3×19, Lysergic Acid Diethylamide, that aired April 15th, 2011 It’s one of Nimoy’s wildest appearances of all! 😀


  2. Thanx for the videos Isaac! That Lindsey is a magnificent performer. Come for the fiddle, stay for the footwork. She’s got moves that Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull couldn’t do in his prime. And such an angelic face, again, so unlike Ian’s shop-worn visage.


  3. i loved your post,i love music,of all sorts. i tried to learn the flute in grade 6 or 7… serious mistake on the music teachers part by allowing me to damage every ones ears as well as patience with my attempts at it! hell… i couldn’t and probably still can’t even draw the fancy ‘S’ shape,that is a musical note.


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