And Here We Go Again!

Well it’s Friday again my friends, and, just like last Friday, I’m sitting here watching a marathon of episodes from a favorite show ahead of another season premiere tonight. Hopefully, this time around won’t include any of the crazy drama that I reported on in this post and in this post.

Of course, I am watching the 5 episode marathon off the same DVR holding all those other shows I’ve been putting off watching (like the final two episodes of House). … Smiley

And tonight’s premiere is for the fifth and final season of the FOX Network show Fringe, which, if anything, is even weirder than Haven. … Smiley

So who the hell knows what could happen! Smiley

At any rate… I want to thank Paul over at Ragnarfan’s Blog for including the following video in his FRINGE – Season 5 Trailer (Remix) post:

I want ice water.

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10 thoughts on “And Here We Go Again!

  1. Saw a couple episodes in the first season, but I usually don’t have time to follow it. Still, it looks like a very cool show, and it would certainly be on my viewing list if I had one.


      • I’ve been watching “Dark Matters” – a historical weird science show narrated by the actor that plays the doctor from Fringe. It’s not bad. Reminds my of a dark version of “In Search Of.” They need better theme music though. The beginning of the show always reminds me of “Tales from the Crypt.”


        • I watch that show every now and again, but it’s just too dark and creepy to be a regular of mine. Besides, I like the “lovable” John Noble as Walter Bishop because he reminds me so much of myself. Hell, now that Monk and House are gone, Walter Bishop and Daniel Pierce (Perception) are the only two characters left on TV that do! 😀


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