Racism In Politics? Say It Ain’t So!

I saw a couple of posts over at Under The LobsterScope earlier that simply shouted that “synchronicity” thing to me. Okay, I know I tend see connections that others don’t necessarily see, but tell me you can’t see the linkage between this Randy Newman video:

Via Some Wednesday Entertainment: Randy Newman’s new election song

And these Mitt Romney related graphics:

Images via How do Romney’s 47% of non-taxpayers break down by state?

And then, as if to confirm my suspicions, I heard about this fascinating new product on CNN while I was putting this together:

Image via NoBama Brew – Beer Street Journal
News story at Nobama beer sold in OK stores – WAAYTV.com


Hell, the only thing missing is the Rednecks Я Us manufacturer!

I want ice water.

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16 thoughts on “Racism In Politics? Say It Ain’t So!

  1. It’s depressing that so few people a re aware of this. All the TV s in our house are now permanently tuned in to MSNBC. The 47% Romney is referring do not know they are the ones he is referring to, because what they know is , they are paying taxes ( payroll taxes), and now they are all aghast at the idea that they are actually supporting 47% of the population. and this will make them angry. It can go in Romney’s favor yet.


    • I guess it’s as Forrest Gump said: “Stupid is as stupid does.” It’s been my experience that the idiots always support the other idiots in a popularity contest. The smart people tend to lose them because those who support them avoid such idiotic pursuits.


    • OMG Loon, that would drive their customers away in droves! 😆

      On a personal note, I’ve never understood the fascination with alcohol-based drinks. I’ve never tried one that came anywhere close to tasting good, and the “high” is both depressing and sickening. It’s like some old Viking ritual, where “macho men” attempt to prove their “manhood” by seeing who came tolerant the most pain. Which reminds me of those “punch each other in the arm” contests teenaged boys play! 😯


  2. Here is an interesting tidbit about the GOP:

    Blacks and Latinos (as well as many other ethnic groups) are very conservative. The GOP has the perfect platform for them: family values, religious-based beliefs and laws (of course, I’m referring to gay marriage and the anti-gay marriage hate as well as the anti-abortion stance).

    The GOP, however, doesn’t care about them. If you’re White and rich, they care about you. If you’re White and poor, you might as well be a minority. And then the GOP wonders why they can’t seem to get the Latino vote, they can’t get the Black vote, etc.

    Like, for real?

    And it’s so interesting…my Republican (and White) friends are insistent….just SHOUTING…that the GOP cares about everyone. You have their frontrunner who came up with a 47% figure; no basis, no facts. He’s not talking about 47% of minorities – there’s not that many of us. He’s talking about 47% of the entire nation. He’s talking about those Republicans he’s trying to court their vote. The funny thing is, Romney is not even backing down from his comments. He honestly believes his bullshit!

    I’m just wondering who makes up the 47% and who makes up the remaining 53% because I’m curious! 😛


    • Hi Vera, it’s so great to have you here again! 😀

      I don’t know about Latinos, but your point about Blacks being conservative is well taken Vera. At least on the social issues. Just about everyone I grew up around was just as right-wing when it comes to human rights issues like religious choice and sexual orientation as even the most strident Republicans and, though they’d never admit it, every bit as racist. While they do differ on economic issues like food stamps and welfare as well, their primary objection to the Republicans has always been that they think of that party as fundamentally anti-minority and pro-rich.

      I too would like to know exactly how those percentages break down, but I just don’t trust anyone to present the information without “spinning” it first! 😕


  3. Poor Mitt – the one who can’t related, keeps trying to.

    Poor Mitt – the one who wants to unite, but continues to divide.

    Poor Mitt – the one who wants the title of President, but not the job.

    Poor Mitt.


  4. Nice work. I was looking for these stats the other day. Glad you found them. Now, as an exercise, overlap the US graph of non-income tax payers with a graph of voting blocks by party. Amazing isn’t it? As it turns out, Romney’s 47% who would all vote for Obama are actually in the largest areas that vote Republican! He wasn’t only wrong, he was insulting his own base!

    People say Mitt is a nice guy, all full of character and charity and such. But how charitable would he really be if that charity didn’t benefit him or weren’t required by his religion? I’m sure if you were to sit down with Mitt and have a cup of tea with him and discuss something inane like how to start a business and avoid paying taxes, Mitt would be a wonderful person. He’s probably tell you everything you need to know about getting your business started and running its finances – like where to get a government business loan, how to establish community connections, how to manipulate your books. But would you want him as a president?

    A president who’s main past occupations was helping others avoid paying taxes. What a unique idea. Not a good one, but unique. Maybe next time the Republicans will run an arms dealer. The NRA would be overjoyed.


    • About the only thing I can take exception to in what you’ve said Dood is the “But how charitable would he really be if that charity didn’t benefit him or weren’t required by his religion?” part. And even there, it’s really just the “didn’t benefit him” bit of that. I don’t believe anyone should ever do anything that doesn’t benefit him or her in some way, even if the benefit is only knowing that he or she helped someone worth who needed help.

      Of course, my thinking here is rooted in the belief that my actions should always be directed towards what is in my long-term rational self-interests, and, as far as I can see at least, Mitt Romney hasn’t a clue as to what is in his, or the country’s, long-term rational interests…

      Damn. I wish I could find a video showing what an NRA backed, arms dealing presidential candidate would look like! 😆


  5. love the insulting image… am watching your election with despair sometimes but not surprised, give plenty of promises and people will vote for you but not many explains how they will manage to get their promises through if they get elected, not that different from here in the UK or anywhere…


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