Miracles – Closer To The Heart

Despite the relentless backache I’ve been dealing with for the last week or so – leaving me more or less bedridden and at the mercy of a televised view of our world seemingly on the brink of Armageddon – I remain steadfast in my belief that we can rise above our ignorance, again, as we have so many times before. After all, it wasn’t that long ago when an eye opening “perspective” like this would have seemed unimaginable:

Image via Perspective « Metousiosis

Anyway… I recieved notification this morning from AsapSCIENCE on YouTube about this new video:

And I found this “related video” while I was checking that one out:

Which, to me at least, provides an excellent segue into this most beautiful song:

Because it’s our capacity for understanding my friends – when we choose to embrace it – that is the real “miracle” to me! 😀

BTW, in case that Jefferson Starship song has inspired you to think about other “miraculous” experiences, you might want to check out The Science of Orgasms. 😉

Now you’ll excuse me while I crawl back to my bed… Smiley

I want ice water.

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8 thoughts on “Miracles – Closer To The Heart

    • Jeez PT, it always just comes out of the blue when I’m doing something totally innocuous. This time I was just washing the dishes and turned a little to the right. WTF?!?! 😯

      And not that it could ever come at a “convenient” time, but when I’m almost out of supplies and haven’t taken the trash out for a while? I did manage to make “that walk” yesterday to pick up a few things, but the trash is still sitting there… 😳


    • It works just fine for me renxkyoko, but I have had lots of problems like that recently having to do with incompatibilities between new versions of Adobe Flash and Mozilla Firefox. Fortunately the latest versions appear to work very well. Have you been keeping up to date? 🙂


  1. The VY Canis Majoris perspective seems unbelievable, but I’m confident the data support the comparison. Science works, and what it tells us is real. I had this thought a few weeks ago also when I was looking at the new photographs sent by the Mars rover Curiosity. There it was, dust, rocks, tire tracks, hills, horizon, Mount Sharp, all exactly as expected from all the other probes sent before. The universe is not made up as needed. It is consistent, it is real, it is amazing. The totality of our knowledge appears to be approaching completeness asymptotically even as the complexity of the remaining mysteries grows exponentially.


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