When the Jews return to Zion,
And a comet fills the sky,
And the holy Roman Empire rises,
Then you and I must die.

From the eternal sea he rises,
Creating armies on either shore,
Turning man against his brother,
Until man exists no more.

“The Omen” (1976) (2006)

I want ice water.

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22 thoughts on “Superstition

  1. Oh IzaakMak, I have decided not to go on about what is happening in Australia on my blog, though it is breaking my heart, because I refuse to let hate win. Any form of anger is hate. I wish mateship was a religion because I would cherish it more than these so called religions. Family and friends are the heart of humanity, without them I would be NOTHING!!!!


    • Hmm, I wonder if I could do a Ron Hubbard and make up the Mateshipology religion, a religion in which one must ignore all flaws in individuals and only embrace the positive.
      I remember traveling for long periods of time filming around Europe with a small film crew. We all made a pact that if or when someone woke up in a bad mood or felt crappy, they told everyone. if an argument happened and it got heated we all agreed to step away…agree to disagree (by saying “time out” )… and change the subject. Surprisingly it worked.


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