My politically incorrect stance on 9/11

Still true on the 11th anniversary…


The TV promos have started. The special programs have started. The tenth anniversary of 9/11 is almost here and it’s clear we are going to be swamped with special observances, special programs, special coverage. Everything imaginable to observe and commemorate the date. To remember every painful detail and death.

Well, I won’t be watching. I’ll be switching the channel every time something about 9/11 comes on. Call me heartless, unpatriotic, unfeeling. I expect it, and I don’t care.

I wallowed in 9/11 coverage, footage, and retrospectives for years. I cried and cried. And cried some more. My heart broke a million times. I cannot and will not do it anymore. I’ve got to let it go.

No more watching planes crash into skyscrapers. No more watching people leap to their deaths. No more first responders choking in the dust of incinerated concrete and insulation and human beings. Enough. I’ve cried…

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6 thoughts on “My politically incorrect stance on 9/11

  1. It is not that I don’t feel for the people who died that day, or their families – I do. I think it was sad that many were lost that day but I can’t help but remember the thousands that America has killed because of their politicians’ greed and and quest to dominate those that are less powerful than them or disagree with them over religion or morals. I have to say it Izaak…America had been asking for retaliation for years. Since the 2nd World War America has either invaded or surreptitiously been responsible for causing over 70 different countries governments to fall. Some times to their [America’s] detriment so they go back in and do it again [Afghanistan for example]. You cannot expect that everyone will just roll over and play nice back when you do these things to others. What they [the politicians] went on to do in Iraq was unspeakable. Yes Hussein was a madman, but they have plunged that land into a morass. And all so that they could control oil. Most people from other countries did not then and certainly do not now believe it was about anything other than controlling Iraq’s resources. How many innocent Iraqis have died for Bush’s insanity? 10 times the amount, at least, who died on 9/11. Where are the memorials for those innocents ???


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