Stargazing In Yosemite

“Far away from light pollution and high up in the Sierra Nevada mountain range, Yosemite National Park’s stunning views of the night sky and majestic natural wonders attract astronomers, photographers and city dwellers from around the country.”

Via on YouTube

I want ice water.

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8 thoughts on “Stargazing In Yosemite

  1. 7,200 feet. Pshaw! The Park Department could do that here at 12,000 feet up on Trail Ridge Road. But it’s not Yosemite. Recent news stories about the hanta virus there … just made me want to go more. Even in this video, in some of the daytime shots, I was peering at the scenery in the background. Yosemite is on my bucket list — but Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon are a lot closer and therefore higher on the list.

    Thanks for sharing this, though. You know I love this kind of stuff.


    • Oh I absolutely do love them PT, in part at least because I may never see places like this in person. Of course, with things like that hanta virus… 😮

      BTW, I think the video I just reblogged from Metousiosis is even better! 😀


  2. I count myself so lucky that I live in an area that’s rural enough to have a “dark sky”. (Although I can still see the lights from “civilization” — i.e., suburbia — radiating even though they’re @ 30 miles away.) I don’t feel small at all looking at that sky — or rather, maybe I feel reassured by my smallness, in that I feel like I belong to something big.


    • Wow, I’m jealous. Yes, I’ve heard about the virus thing. Isn’t that virus thing scary? Who’d have thought there’d be something there worse than the other humans?!?! 😆


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