Once In A Blue Moon?

We’ve all heard the phrase “Once In A Blue Moon,” and many of us are old enough to remember the great Elvis Presley song memorializing the concept:

But how many of you are aware of what a “Blue Moon” actually is? Or have wondered if the moon can actually turn blue? Well, there’s a nice discussion of the subject, including the August 31 occurrence, in Universe Today’s Blue Moon This Week post…

Image via Universe Today’s Blue Moon This Week post

And in this cool video I got this morning from SPACE.com

Don’t Forget To Look For The “Blue Moon” On August 31

The Next One Isn’t Until July of 2015!

Not enough “moon” stuff for you? Well then you must check out these amazing links:

Funzug.com | Beautiful Moon Light Pictures

Walk on the Moon with Neil Armstrong in a Beautiful Interactive Panorama

Pink Floyd Provides the Soundtrack for the BBC’s Broadcast of the 1969 Moon Landing

I want ice water.

More from the Visual Treats volume

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15 thoughts on “Once In A Blue Moon?

  1. Oh you had Elvis. I am such a huge Elvis fan. A friend and I get together for Elvis nights where we watch his movies, play his songs, eat, drink lots of bubbly, sing loudly and dance. I know what I will be doing tonight.


    • You know Jo, as big a fan I was of the Elvis movies I watched as a kid, I actually didn’t remember his version of Blue Moon and chose it for the post only because it was mentioned in the Space.com video. But I am glad that I lucked out and went with a favorite performer of yours. 😀

      There really were a lot of songs about “Blue Moon” on YouTube when I went searching, many of which were not versions of the Presley song. Of those that were, I almost chose this one because of the nice imagery:

      Have a great time at the next get together Jo! 😀


  2. I’m reminded of a time when I was deployed overseas. One of my married friends was having some pain in his testicals and went to the battalion aid station to see a doctor who told him he had “blue moon syndrome.” When we asked him what the doctor’s advice was, he told us that he was under orders to go choke the chicken to relieve the pressure. This was, of course, not written as a prescription. You can imagine how that would have looked in the medical records.


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  4. Observations for consideration:

    1. I agree with the crowd here – this particular Elvis rendition, one I never heard before, is eerily excellent.
    2. The moon is ironic, I suggest, because it is an inspiration of great superstition and at the same time visible evidence of the solar system’s reality.
    3. The moon’s diameter and placement are an odd coincidence that makes it seem identical in size to the sun. Coincidence contributes to superstition.


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