Sunday Funnies – Totally Biased

Here’s a couple of clips from an episode of the FX show Totally Biased I ran across late last night. I’d never seen the show before, or even knew existed for that matter. It’s a good thing it was being rebroadcast on my local FOX channel, which has a much lower channel number that FX does. I rarely make that high up the list when I’m channel surfing as I go to sleep.

Videos via TotallyBiasedFX on YouTube

I want ice water.

On a much more serious note: Akin for the Truth: How Are US Religious Fundamentalists Any Different Than Middle Eastern Ones?

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20 thoughts on “Sunday Funnies – Totally Biased

  1. Seems to me that humor is all we’ve got left because Akin is staying in the race and reason has long departed the building. Thanks, Mak, for two excellent clips on the politics of our time.


  2. Honestly, how much more collectively lazy/blind/stupid is this country going to get?!? That “Circle of Jerks” was sooo disheartening — these guys don’t even care how blatant they are in their mutual back-scratching and offensiveness; they clearly believe they can get away with it. (And no wonder, since as Jim Wheeler notes, Akin is still running…)

    It only makes us miss a true hero like Armstrong all the more.

    Do NOT get me started on the native English speakers who can’t even spell correctly in their own language. The line “Yes, THE Ricky Rudd” made laugh because it’s so truthfully revealing! Or should I say, “trutfilly riveeling”.


    • Since I’m not much of a “joiner” (and simply can’t muster up enough rage to go all “lone gunman”), the only thing left for me to do is heap all the mockery and derision on the heads of these fools that I can. I’m so very glad that I don’t believe in any sort of afterlife, because the visions of our dead heroes looking down on this in eternal anguish would truly be more than I could bear… 😕


      • One great thing about the internet: All us loners can finally manage to find each other, and form our own multiracial/multicultural/multi-ideological geekdom! 😀

        Also, since you posted these, I’ve been youtubing W. Kamau Bell — that guy’s hilarious, and so on the money!


  3. the spelling problem is scary. When I read emails from people who works at universities has some of the worst spelling going on. It scares me to my tiny boots. Great videos though…


    • You know me my friend. I’d really obsessive – compulsive when it comes to my writing. I have very little training when it comes to writing, but with all the tools available to help us there’s just no excuse for stuff like that! 😕


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