More Curiosity Awesomeness

I have a small but still very embarrassing confession to make. One of the things – just one of many mind you – that “triggered” my recent depressive episode was the amazing accomplishment of the MSL (Mars Science Laboratory) “Curiosity” landing on Mars.

I know that that won’t make very much sense to anyone, but if you’ll think back on the timing of my disappearance from the net, and then add in the things I’ve said about the importance of our pushing ourselves to achieve great things and how disappointed I am with how little the average person even tries to do so, then maybe, just maybe, it might begin to make a little more sense to you.

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got to say about that. And as big a risk as it is for me to get all “worked up” over that mission again, this post is intended to add even more sheen to that brilliantly shining accomplishment by way of two great videos and one awesome image:

Video via Curiosity’s Landing Video in Mind-Blowing HD « Lights in the Dark

Image via Carl Sagan / Mars | Don in Massachusetts

I want ice water.

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9 thoughts on “More Curiosity Awesomeness

  1. Totally understandable that the sheer scale of what NASA did is humbling to the average person.
    But if they can do that, then maybe it will inspire us individuals to push a little harder too…
    Rock on, IzaakMak.


  2. Unbelievable. That first video was like reliving the evening, only better, because this time I wasn’t alone. Goosebumps and tears all over again. I’m always afraid that somehow during the replays they might not make it!


    • As much as I enjoyed watching it live on my PC, watching it like that, with other people who were as thrilled as I was, would have been so much better. That probably would have made “coming down after the high” much more pleasant as well! 😀


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  4. big grin again from me, can watch this over and over again and yes, it was a big high when I saw it as well… so coming down to normal level is tough for anyone… but always good to have you back my friend…


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