Bad Religion

After seeing these wonderful images posted at the Always Question Authority blog, you know I just could not resist finding out where they came from! 😀

(Click through the images to go to the original post)

What I discovered was an amazing Tumblr blog called I am a creationist. God was created by man. These are just a few of the great things I found there:

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I SO wish I could do those “photoset” things like you can do on Tumblr – especially the ones with animated GIFs. If you don’t know what I mean, then you’re in for a very pleasant surprise when you get there! 😀

Oh yeah, the title of this post comes from that blog’s really cool avatar:

I want ice water.

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25 thoughts on “Bad Religion

    • Sites like that are just amazing to me PT. I could literally spend all day on them! I have got to spend some time learning how to create such thought provoking images myself. With just a glance, they say what it takes me tons of words to say! 😀


    • I agree Archon. In fact, I started to name the post “Religion Baaaad!” in a take off from Young Frankenstein! 😆

      Sorry, couldn’t find the actual clip… 😳


    • I’m so glad you liked it Valentine. I have so many bookmarks that I was afraid it might get lost. So I added it to my “Sensual Feasts” blogroll just to make sure!!! 😀


    • Thanks Jim. Can you believe those idiots claiming they’re fighting against Christian oppression, in a country where Christians are the absolute dominant political force?!?! 😯


      • Well, yes I can, Mak. This morning I received from a classmate of mine, USNA ’59, a piece of email tripe accusing Obama of changing the structure of military funerals so as to eliminate a reference to a ceremonial flag being given to the bereaved in the name of the president. Included in the email was a statement that the story was true and even providing a link to in support. So, I followed the link and amazingly, up pops a Snopes article declaring the thing FALSE.

        The email was forwarded from an intelligent, educated man, so this didn’t happen for any other reason than visceral, deep-seated hatred and bias, probably both political and racial. After I sent a rebuttal to the source and all the addressees (which stupidly were not in blind format), I received a copy of an email to him from another classmate telling him to buck up and not be discouraged, and ending “to err is human, to forgive divine”.

        There is no reasoning with some humans if they are determined to believe something.

        “It is better to believe in what you know than to know what you believe in.” – H. L. Gaskins


        • I was watching an episode of “Longmire” one night, where the townsfolk were all aghast over discovering that a “weird religious cult” was secretly operating in their midst. All I could think of was how strange it was for them to fear such a small group of people, when almost everyone I’ve ever known was part of a “weird religious cult” than spanned the entire planet…

          “And you always seem outnumbered, you don’t dare make a stand.” – Bob Seger


  1. Love the comment about taking mushrooms and saying “show me,” but I’d want to say prove it, which only makes them go into circular logic all over again: It happened because the bible says that it happened and the bible was written by god which proves that god made the world . . . or something like that.

    Just makes my head hurt.


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