Your Thursday Dose Of Cool!

Sorry I haven’t posted for a few days. I’ve been a little under the weather as well as down in the dumps. I’m hopig that this veritable “grab bag” of awesome will start to make up for my absence…

This eye popping image is from the Aurora Borealis / Northern Lights post over at the Don in Massachusetts blog. If you’ve never been to that blog, then you’ve really been missing out!

Via Aurora Borealis / Northern Lights

This is just one of several awesome images in the Lightning, water, reflection, magic post over at PIED TYPE. To see the others, and a link to so much more, you’ve got to check out her post!

Via Lightning, water, reflection, magic

This incredible following video is just one small piece from the Life Size Hot Wheels Track with a 6-Story Double Loop | Videos post over at Motley News and Photos. There’s so much more in the original post!

Via Life Size Hot Wheels Track with a 6-Story Double Loop | Videos

If you’re as big a fan of Neil deGrasse Tyson as I am (and I know you are), then you’re gonna love this video from the Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Theme Song post over at the Metousiosis blog!

Via Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Theme Song

Finally, this slideshow is of my favorite images from the National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest 2012 – In Focus article over at The Atlantic. So damned cool!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Via National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest 2012 – In Focus

I want ice water.

View more from the Visual Treats volume

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14 thoughts on “Your Thursday Dose Of Cool!

  1. The group got annoying, but Neil can speak for me anytime! I’m definitely with Neil.

    The NatGeo photos are gorgeous. What I wouldn’t give to snag one like that myself …


    • The video definitely needed more Neil and less group PT, but I still think it was cool. I hope you went to the The Atlantic to see the full set of Traveler images! 😀


  2. Man! Life-size Hot Wheels *and* Neil DeGrasse Tyson! Today’s post was too fun, IzaakMak. 😀

    (I love Tyson’s explanation of how we define aliens.) (Also, I had a Hot Wheels double-loop track as a kid; no pink Barbies cars for this girl! Do they even make Hot Wheels anymore?)


    • Thank Luddy. Tyson seems destined to be the world’s most quoted man, doesn’t he? Oh yeah, they still make Hot Wheels all right. Just search Google and you’ll see. Better yet, search YouTube!! 😀

      But this is the set I want!!!!


  3. It is all cool–you really get around the Net!

    My favorite is the Hot Wheels video–I loved playing with Hot Wheels as a kid, and to see REAL Hot Wheels cars on a REAL Hot Wheels track is awesome beyond words!


    • Oh yeah Scott, I spend LOTS of time on the net. And I probably post less than 10% of what I intend to as well, which is why I love throwing together the occasional “grab bag” post like this one. I also loved playing with Hot Wheels as a kid, and that life sized setup is just too damned cool! 😀


    • I am feeling a little better Frank. Thanks. Though I’m still having a lot of trouble voicing the stuff that’s been bugging me, my thoughts about the insanity in Aurora, Colorado in particular. Putting together posts like this do help some though… 🙂


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