Spastic Wednesday

Oh good grief! In addition to the countless blog subscriptions I haven’t a chance in hell of keeping up with, and the seemingly infinite list of bookmarks I’ve generated for things I want to blog about myself, I’ve now become addicted to insanely funny images like this one from Facebook:

Via Trollable on Facebook

How am I ever going to manage to post the other 128 images I’ve set aside… so far?!?! 😯 Baby steps, that’s how! So, with that in mind, I can at least knock off one of those “things I’ve been meaning to post” while I’m here:

Via The Key of Awesome!

And finally, do you remember that crazy son of mine that I talked about in Nature or Nurture? You know, the one that made this hilarious video?

Well he sent me a message this morning…

“Hey dad… Wondering if you may be able to help me out. I’m trying to get my YouTube page jump-started with a Tech-Vlog. I will be doing weekly episodes making fun of all the geeky gadgets we use and love. I was wondering if you might post a reference link to my YouTube site on one of your Blogging sites?”

Well I’m only too happy to oblige. I’ve seen what he’s done so far and I like it. You can find him at: DamienTheRaw – YouTube. I’ve also added his link to my “Sensual Feasts” blogroll… 😀

I want ice water.

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19 thoughts on “Spastic Wednesday

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  2. PS
    I was so afraid to open my email folder after my trip, ( almost a month absence)….. uhm, 3, 286 uread emails… right now, 2, 876…yay ! ! …. read, read, read….


    • When it comes to music, images, bookmarks, blog subscriptions, etc., I’m like one of those crazy “hoarder” people…

      …though not nearly as organized as the one in the picture. My “unread” email count is currently at 86,138, so I’m literally “green” with envy over your count! :mrgreen: 😆


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