The Grand Finale!

I’ve seen this amazing video, showing all 135 Space Shuttle launches at once, on two of my favorite sites: Universe Today and the Metousiosis blog. Here’s what they had to say:

We’re not sure how we missed this when it came out last year, but this incredible video shows all 135 launches of the space shuttle program at once. Creator McLean Fahnestock calls it “The Grand Finale” and rightly so. A great display of “fireworks” and a wonderful homage to the legacy of the space shuttles.

The one launch failure, Challenger on STS-51-L does stand out in this video and the words “obviously a major malfunction” will always linger. But the drive to keep striving for the heavens will always be there.

All 135 Space Shuttle Launches at Once « Universe Today

“Yesterday marked the one-year anniversary of the final launch of Space Shuttle Atlantis, and the last of 135 Shuttle launches in NASA’s history.” In celebration of such, McLean Fahnestock created this video-collage, which depicts all 135 NASA space shuttle launches in parallel.

Watch all 135 Space Shuttle launches at once « Metousiosis

Please note that the disaster involving Space Shuttle Challenger is on the 10th screen from the left, 2nd row down…

Via Grand Finale 2010-11 by McLean Fahnestock on Vimeo

For myself, there are just no words…

I want ice water.

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18 thoughts on “The Grand Finale!

  1. Such an amazing tribute to the shuttle program. It’s sad, though, that the producer chose to end it with the one sad failure instead of focusing on the triumph of so many successes. With that stunning simultaneous launch at the beginning, I’d have tried to find an ending that was equally uplifting.

    On the other hand, maybe it was right to recognize and remember the sacrifice of those on Challenger.


  2. I can’t watch it right now–I’m too disgusted that the U.S. has practically outsourced its space program to Russia. Now Americans astronauts have to hitch a ride from Russia every time they want to go back into space. Even though Russia is generally an ally–this could change at any time. Outsourcing our space program to any foreign country is a major mistake. What’s next–outsourcing Congress?


    • I feel ya Scott! I take heart though, from the fact that the Orion spacecraft is coming along nicely and start-ups like SpaceX are stepping up. As for congress, they’re already “outsourced” in my opinion – to the rich and powerful! 😀


  3. beautiful and moving video… an extraordinary symphony of history right before our eyes… stunning… my opinion is that the meager “extra” attention/focus on Challenger was well worth it as tribute to the sadly shortened service of those who died… thank you IzaakMac for sharing!!!



    • Thank you so much Janet. It’s and honor for me to post stuff like this. IMHO however, nothing we could do would be enough to properly honor the Challenger crew, the Columbia crew, the Apollo 1 crew, or any of the countless others who risked their lives dragging our sorry butts into the future! 😀


  4. I couldn’t find that posting but I did enjoy watching
    Symphony of Science: The Journey to the Moon by
    Metousiosis, he has such an incredible Space full of
    Space goodies 🙂 Have a great evening Mak 🙂



      • It is one all about Apollo 11
        and very interesting my fine
        friend, if you had not directed
        me to his Space then I would
        have missed out on that one,
        and all the many other postings
        he has 🙂 Of course when I am
        ever going to get back there is
        anyone’s guess but still, it is a
        worthy Space to frequent as is
        yours, I just have to try catching
        up a little first, and believe me, I
        am behind on everyone’s Space 😦

        Have a wicked weekend Mak 🙂



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