Roger Federer Reigns Again!

Those of you who read my The Roundabout Rebound post will know that I was looking forward to today’s Wimbledon Men’s Singles Championship match between Roger Federer and Andy Murray with more than a little trepidation. Hell, if truth be told, despite my belief that Roger Federer is THE best tennis player in the history of the sport, I feared this “old veteran vs. young stud” match-up would end up as they almost always do – with the younger man winning and the older man looking just that: old.

And, in the beginning, it looked like that’s exactly how things would play out, with Murray winning the first set in convincing fashion. But then something happened – something that, to fans like me, seemed damned near miraculous. Now I know some will say that the rain delay at the beginning of the second set robbed Andy of his momentum. Some others will say that the conditions on Centre Court with the roof closed favored Roger Federer. Others might even say that all the slips and falls Murray experienced left him too hurt to move as well as he had at the start of the match.

But for huge Federer fans like me, longing for the “tennis racket maestro” and the “Baryshnikov of the courts” to amaze them once again, what we saw was what exactly what we hoped to see – Roger Federer stepping it up like no other man can!

Federer Wins In Four Sets: 4-6, 7-5, 6-3, 6-4,
Tying The Pete Sampras Record Of 7 Wimbledon Championships,
And Reaching #1 In The World Rankings Once Again!

As happy as I am that Federer won though, I’m almost as sad that Murray wasn’t able to. I just hope he doesn’t take the loss to heart the way Andy Roddick seems to have after losing to Federer in 2009, in what may have been the greatest match I’ve ever seen and, by far, the best match Roddick has ever played.

Murray has to keep in mind just how far he has come on the road towards being a great champion himself. Hell, he broke a 74 year drought in British play at Wimbledon just by making it to the final match, and, IMHO, he’s still got the best chance of any Brit I’ve seen of breaking the now 77 year drought since they last won it all. So buck up Andy, you’ve earned my respect and then some!

Videos via CoolioVEVO™ I Cooliest Clips on YouTube!

More great images at BBC News – In pictures: Murray at Wimbledon final

Congratulations Again To Roger Federer.
You’ve more than earned a place in the My Heroes hall of fame!

I want ice water.

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23 thoughts on “Roger Federer Reigns Again!

    • I have a short memory for the “who won what when’s” of sports myself. Hell, except for tennis and baseball, I really don’t pay much attention at all until a championship is on the line. And even then, I’d be hard pressed to tell you who won which championship a year later.

      But there are certain individual players, like Roger Federer now and Muhammad Ali when I was young, who just amaze me so much that the things they do actually stick. Besides, I just love it when the “old guy” gets to make all the naysayers shut up for once. I just hope that Roger goes out leaving better memories of his final events than Muhammad did! 😀


      • I get exactly what you mean. I still remember Bjorn Borg and Jimmy Connors from way back when. And John McEnroe, who it turns out has a world class guitar collection.
        I think the last 20 years of tennis have been lackluster as far as overall phenomenal champions. Hope Federer remains a vital visible force in the game.


        • Oh man, those are the guys who made me fall in love with tennis in the first place. And I’d add guys like Boris Becker, Mats Wilander, and, hell, anybody ranked for TITLES IN OPEN ERA to that list as well. But while the last 20 years have had plenty of low spots, I can’t say I’ve thought of any of them as lackluster. Of course, having those superbly conditioned athletes on the women’s side would keep me watching anyway :wink:, though I’d enjoy watching them even more without all the screeching! 😀


  1. The Crying Scotsman!!! I had no idea that the man they kept cutting back to in Murray’s player’s box was Ivan Lendl (his coach). Man, has he aged !!!!!! I must admit I’m not a big fan of Murray. I would have liked to have seen a Nadal vs Federer final. But anywho it was a great game.


    • You know Loon, before this tournament I thought that Andy Murray was little more than a spoiled brat. But now, due to the “well aged” influence of Ivan Lendl I think, he seems to have really grown in both skill and maturity. I think he really has the chance to become a champion the Brits can be proud of.

      As for Federer vs. Nadal, I’m glad it didn’t happen. I did want Federer to win after all! 😀


  2. Well, I managed to miss it. Which I found out when I went to HuffPo to read the news and the main headline on the home page was Federer winning. So catching the second airing later was ruined. I did watch the women’s final. Was terribly disappointed that the announcers were so obviously rooting for Serena and totally dissing the young challenger. They could have shown her more respect and still have been happy for Serena.


    • Knowing that the live match was nearly over before I even started watching my recording of it, I tried, and failed, to avoid any news about it. So I found out Federer had won while I was still watching the 2nd set. Of course, it looked like Federer was losing at the time, so knowing he’d won did give me the incentive to keep watching my recording! 😀

      As for the Serena Williams vs. Agnieszka Radwanska match, as much as I like Serena getting another title before she’s too old (like Federer), it was very hard to watch the beat down she gave that poor girl. The sad thing to me is that, with the kind of grace and finesse Radwanska plays with, she’d have already been a champion in the days before the big power hitters came along. Frankly, I liked the old days better in that regard! 😕


  3. Honestly, this is the first time I’ve ever even heard of Roger Federer. It would be dishonest of me to pretend to know anything about tennis–because I know little about any sports (except boxing and hunting and fishing). But I hope this isn’t too crass: I love watching women’s tennis. Because I love the sounds they make when they hit those balls!


      • I can’t say I’m in love with the screeching (though it’s not nearly as bad as the noise at a softball game!), but what man in his right mind doesn’t like to watch athletic women running around in those skimpy outfits?!?! 😀


  4. I watched the match IzaakMak and thought along those same lines as yourself its all about belief and skill and the energy of both was held in Federer’s Mind. I felt for Murry but he has youth on his side now. And brought Britain back into the finals at last.
    Wishing you well. Sue


  5. I knew he could do it! Tears fell from my eyes for both players. I felt bad for Andy and he put up a good match but the King is on his throne again and I am ecstatic! Roger plays with such finesse and grace. He truly is the greatest tennis player ever!


    • Hi MZ, how are you doing? I’d be lying if I said I didn’t shed a (more than a) few tears myself, especially at the end. The king is most definitely NOT dead. Long live the king! 😀


  6. C’mon stop picking on leyton (have to stick up for him – it is a requirement of being aussie born). I am glad Federer won. Match reminded me of Borg/McEnroe. Wow that shows my age


    • I hate to speak negatively of anyone Jo, and I rarely dwell on the personal lives of people I don’t know personally, but Lleyton is referred to as “combative” for a reason. He’s also the first person I remember using that “C’mon!” thing as if to say “Take that, Bitch!” Very unsportsmanlike IMHO, and I find the fact that it’s used all the time now very disturbing. 😕

      You’re not the only one who feels old for remembering those great match-ups. But I do remember them with such fondness, and it’s really great to see one like them again! 😀


      • Oh dear…naughty Leyton !!
        Yet I remember another who was lambasted (what a word that is !) for being a bad boy on the court…though he was also a brilliant tennis player so I guess that made up for it – I for one was mezmerised watching McEnroe, tantrums and all and he turned the court in to the only place my eyes wanted to see at the time.


        • OMG, I remember being so embarrassed by Johnny Mac’s behavior. After all he was an American, representing us to the world. But at the same time, and perhaps because he got so much attention here, I realized that he really wasn’t the “bad boy” he appeared to be at all. And these days, watching tennis without his voice just doesn’t seem right! 😀


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