3 Years of Amazing Auroras

Aurora photographer Chad Blakley spent the last three years, and over 2000 hours photographing auroras in Abisko National Park in Sweden. Blakley put together several scenes made up of thousands of individual images of the Northern Lights into a stunning time-lapse video.

Via Amazing 3-Year Time Lapsed Video of The Northern Lights
and SPACE.com on YouTube

I want ice water.

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34 thoughts on “3 Years of Amazing Auroras

  1. Okay, you are now my official Supplier of All Things Celestial! I needn’t look anywhere else when you come up with stuff like this. Gotta put this park on my bucket list. Those auroras are spectacular. Loved when the little spirals curls kicked in. And I’ve never seen auroras in a daylight sky.


    • The daylight auroras were a big surprise to me too PT, and that’s the second time you’ve mentioned a trip I want to go along on! You really ought to check out the Space.com YouTube channel. Just don’t be surprised when you discover you’ve been there for hours! πŸ˜†


      • Sorry it took me so long to reply sweetie. I was spending some much needed time off the grid for a few days. It went well. But I feel like a wimp. It still hurts a bit. I’ve had all these women tell me they were up and at it after two days and i think they are full of crap. I feel like I had a baby! Feeling better today. Thanks for asking dear one!


        • Yeah right! People also say “the pain is all in your head,” but they aren’t exactly lining up to have stuff cut out of their bodies. I do NOT handle pain well. The inside of my head is an echo chamber where any negative feeling – real or imagined – actually gets amplified with every bounce! 😯

          You take all the time you need my little Zen Master. Though I’ll miss you badly, I’ll still be here waiting by the door for your return – like the attention starved little puppy that I am!


  2. And speaking of MY ego, I found out about your revolvermap, and now rush to the bottom to see myself log in, before I disappear. Even in the middle of the night I am quickly shunted off by new viewers. With posts like this I can understand why.


    • That’s hilarious Archon! I forget about those widgets sometimes, but that’s my favorite. As for viewers though, you guys must all be showing up at the same time because getting more than a couple hundred in a day is rare! πŸ˜€


      • it so does, ok the timelapses are just so awesome but seeing them in real life is just WOW! not as quick as these ones but dang, they are breathtaking… only problem was that I didn’t think about them that much until now that I realised how lucky I was to see them so often…


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