Soothing That Inner Rage

After catching up on as many of your comments as I could, I sat down to enjoy some very cathartic television on AMC. First up was the movie Open Range, starring Robert Duvall, Kevin Costner, and Annette Bening. I really liked that movie, and the shootout against the “bullies of the range” at the end was most satisfying indeed.

Here’s the trailer for the movie:

After Open Range was done, AMC resumed the overnight marathons of Breaking Bad they’ve been showing leading up to the premiere of that show’s 5th season. If you’re into great acting, gritty realism, and tons of violence, then Breaking Bad, starring Bryan Cranston, is definitely the show you want to see.

Here’s the short “whet your appetite” promo they’ve been showing:

If you’re curious as to what transformed a mild mannered high school chemistry teacher into just about the baddest MF on the planet, then you should probably watch this:

Anyway… Here’s a sampling of the “music to drown out the madness next door” I listened to during “the ordeal” (very long songs are particularly good under such circumstances):

Led Zeppelin lyrics

I want ice water.

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7 thoughts on “Soothing That Inner Rage

    • What a great video Loon. Hugh Laurie is just plain awesome!

      And speaking of awesome, your timing couldn’t have been more magical. My cable people tried to swap out my box with the DVR in it on Friday – the one holding the still unwatched final two episodes of House. I made him leave both the old and new boxes (for which I AM being charged), thinking that I could take the old one back once I’d watched my shows, while my new recordings are going only onto the new one. However, I spent the whole weekend without being able to set that up because the idiot didn’t leave a power cable for the new box!

      Well Hallelujah, they just dropped one off! 😀


  1. “Breaking Bad” is SO awesome. I’d been virtually unaware of it until the kids gave me a thumb drive for my birthday with all four seasons on it. Just finished watching about a week ago and am so stoked for the last season (but so sad at the thought of it ending). It’s as good as TV gets these days.


    • It is awesome PT. Sometimes a little TOO awesome I think – it’s hard for me to recall any show that’s made me flinch in my seat the way it does! I actually didn’t know this was going to be the last season, but I guess it’ll still have outlived his “two years at best” cancer prognosis! 😀


  2. Some very thought-provoking videos. The main thought I had about the *transformation* video was, how in hell did it get shown, photo-reversed. Everybody held a gun in their left hand. Could happen. Then I looked closer. The AMC HD was backward and on the wrong side of the screen. He was shown driving the car from the right side. The name on the business was backward. Through the looking-glass.


    • Thanks for dropping by to comment again Archon. I actually had noticed the “photo-reversed” thing in that video, and had been just a curious about it as you. Unfortunately I was only able to find two copies of it on YouTube, and they both had the same problem. Fortunately, after doing the search on Google instead of YouTube this morning, I was able to find another, shorter, version of it on Vimeo. It’s even in chronological order!

      It took a little doing (this hasn’t been a very good day for me), but I just posted it as part of my The Transformation of Walter White post. I’d love to hear what you think! 😀


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