Enough With The Déjà Vu Already!

Crazy, Over the rainbow, I am crazy
Bars in the window…

There must have been a door there in the wall!
When I came in!!!!!!

Crazy, Over the rainbow, He is crazy…

Pink Floyd – The Trial

The roiling “shitstorm” of internal conflicts I’ve been caught up in has managed to “dredge up” the memory of yet another old post with “déjà vu” relevance I’d like you all to consider: Hope and Conflict.

Of course, I realize that some of you “just ain’t into that”…

If so, then I’ll give you the “Cliff’s Notes” version…

To fix a society as badly broken as this:

It comes down to a choice between this:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

and this:

Any questions?

I want ice water.

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20 thoughts on “Enough With The Déjà Vu Already!

  1. Man, you come up with some great stuff–your blog is one of the most enjoyable I’ve ever encountered!

    The “THANK YOU, JESUS” really drives it home! I know at least one person who serves meals to the homeless every Thanksgiving and Christmas, yet ignores them the rest of the year.

    And William Shatner does come across as full of himself!


    • Thank you so much Scott. As big of a pain as it can be at times, I really enjoy doing this blog. I sometime think that hypocrisy is mankind’s great sin, and I’m certainly no exception. But at least the person you mentioned steps forward twice a year, which is more than a lot of people do.

      BTW, the Shatman image was really intended to poke fun at myself. Kind of a reminder to stay humble, if you will. 😀


  2. Love this muchly! I’m afraid I fall into the less-than-saintly category but at least I’m not a hypocrite, being an atheist and all. 🙂


    • Wow MZ, I did the other response before I saw this excellent video. I’m now convinced you actually could walk across a lake, though it occurs to me that, considering where you live, you might have to make it rain for forty days to make one first! 😀


      • If me making a lake could bring MJ back I just may consider taking up that praying thing so many people are obsessed with so I COULD make it rain.
        We have lakes. In your land, IM, they’re called mud puddles. 🙂


        • If you could pull that off my dear, there’d be a lot more people than just me worshiping the ground you walk on! 😀

          As for lakes, I’ve been to Arizona. the puny man-made puddles around there don’t begin to compare to the ones the “Gawds of Ice” left for us to enjoy! 😆

          BTW, what “dark magic” do you use to make the emails for your comments arrive from two different email addresses? 😯


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