Sounds like one hell of a show. Oh man, do I wish I was there! And check out Roger Waters rebuilds Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” on 60 Minutes too.

Exploring Winnipeg and Beyond.

One word really sums it up for me.  WOW!  Well maybe three words Holy F’n  Wow!  Yes the show was that good.  I admit that my perspective is a just a tad skewed on this issue having been a fan for over 25 plus years.

As I commented in my earlier post I spent my formative years fully in the grasp of Pink Floyd.  From angst filled drives pouring out my soul to friends or having a manic episode raging with Run Like Hell burned into my brain.  Good times, good times.

But onto the show, I knew going in that the production values of this production were going to be beyond top-notch, Roger being the detail oriented man that he is, and I wasn’t disappointed.  The minute we walked into the MTS Centre and saw the beginnings of the wall I knew that we were going to be simply…

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  1. I didn’t see evidence of lip synching. In fact he handed off some of the singing duties to his guitar player.

    From my vantage point he looked and sounded very close to the original album. Giving him a pass for his age of course.


    • It’s his insistence on an accurate projection of his vision that makes me love Waters so much. It’s one of the things that’s missing from the new Pink Floyd I think, as good as they are. Of course, considering that desire on his part and his advanced age, I don’t think I’d blame him if he did resort to the occasional “trick” or two. And about that guitarist, I was amazed at how easily he’s able to duplicate the efforts of David Gilmour in that Roger Waters rebuilds Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” report on 60 Minutes! 😀


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