The Thread To… OMG!!!!!

Okay, I admit it. I’m a little a LOT like this guy:

This Guy...

Or perhaps it’s these guys – I’m not really sure:

These Guys...

In that, like the other great “trail blazers” before me:

I have a knack for following the smallest thread until I find my way to the chewy, gooey, “psycho-nougat” at the end of the lunatic trail!

And such was the case this morning, when I “innocently” followed this link from my Inbox:

Erotica from 1907 « diary of a cheating whore

Which just happened to contain this link:

5 Ridiculous Sex Myths From History (You Probably Believe) |

Which just happened to contain this link:

Sex as Understood by Adolescent Boys |

Which led me to chase down this link: – YouTube

So I could find an embeddable copy of this video:

Unfortunately, it also lead me to this link:

ExplosmEntertainment – YouTube

And this video:

As well as this link:

Cracked TV – YouTube

And this video:

“Wow!” I thought. “These would make for a great blog post!” I was so excited that I’d even posted them to Facebook as I went along. So imagine my shock when my friend, after seeing them there, included the first one in his Sex as understood by adolescent boys « Erotixx post!

Oh damn, here comes the “wicked witch” of pressure…

Threatening to roll right over my pitiful little butt…

But not to worry friends, because I am well prepared…

You see…

The Real Me!!!

I want ice water.

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15 thoughts on “The Thread To… OMG!!!!!

  1. Wow IzaakMak, you have outdone yourself this time. Nine hours later, after watching and reading this post I can finally comment. Blahahaha “I know you want to touch my boobies” so Jewish! Bill O’Reilly was a classic. Have a great weekend.


    • You liked this, eh Loon? Well it took damned near all day to put it together, so thanks a LOT!!! 😀

      You have a great weekend too. It’s Memorial Day weekend here, so I’m gonna chill big time tomorrow! 😀


  2. haha, this was great, thanks mate for putting your internet tracking list on show here and how you managed to get from point A to point Whatever. Great stuff here and as Piedtype, have to come back again for a 2nd showing of some videos I missed out on…


  3. Wow, impressive. Yes, that’s definitely Patrick Stewart. I wasn’t able to watch all the vids, but the images alone made me laugh. Really love the one below P Stewart. Who is that fighting Mr. Smith et al? Love. Hope you finally got some sleep after this hard work.


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