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Some people claim that they’re in search of truth.  Others don’t even bother to make the claim.  All too often, the impetus and the result are the same.  Most folks don’t want the truth.  As Jack Nicholson said, “You can’t handle the truth.”  What they really want, is for their opinions to be validated and for others to agree with them and make them feel good.  Even when the truth is presented to them, they keep denying it and pushing it away, because, that’s not what they want to see.

At my daughter’s housing complex, they’ve had some incidents occur which led the board to decide to install electronic security cameras, around the office area.  One of the cameras was to be trained on the children’s playground, right beside the office.  Most reasonable people would agree that, protection of the kids would be a good idea.  A secondary reason for…

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  1. Doesn’t that woman realize that no one give’s a rat’s ass what goes on in her apt and that she can close the drapes, like any normal person does if one doesn’t wish to be spied on from the street? Or a security camera? She must have nothing better to do…too bad, she could put all that energy towards a relevant cause.


  2. Thanx again for the exposure. I had a FEW nice people reading my stuff. Now I have many more nice folks, many of whom I’ve seen commenting on classy sites like yours, visiting and commenting on mine. I’l have more silliness soon. Feel free to return and opine. My ego is assuaged. BTW, great Criminal Minds finale.


    • You are so much more than welcome my friend. Having and supporting like-minded friends is very important to me. Something which has never been more true to me than today…

      I’m glad you liked the Criminal Minds finale. I gotta say that watching the season finales of my favorite shows has been a particularly emotional roller-coaster ride for me this year. And there’s still the series finale of House coming on Monday!

      I know you use the term “silliness” to refer to your writing the same way I do when I make light of my own. But trust me, I know how important it is to express our feelings on things – and how important it is to have those feelings validated. You WILL be hearing from me again! 😀


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