A Day In Eureka!

So, since I wasn’t able to publish my Cosmic Synchronicity? on Monday as planned, you might be wondering just how I did end up spending the day. Well I did what I always do in situations like that – I attempt to clear out some of the backlog on my DVR!

When I checked, I found that it held three full episodes of another one of my favorite shows on it, the Syfy Channel’s Eureka. And, since I knew that another episode was coming that same night, I decided that it was a good time to catch up. Besides, I’d been putting off watching them since I found out this is also Eureka’s final season, and it’s silly to risk my damned DVR screwing up and losing them. Something that HAS happened before!

I’ve actually wanted to do a post on Eureka for a long time, but I could never figure out quite how to describe it. It’s so filled with insane comedy, weird science, and crazy plot twists that I imagined writing about would take volumes. It’s kinda like Fringe, only funny. Fortunately, for me at least, Wikipedia did a fair job of outlining Eureka for me:

“The show is set in a fictional town called Eureka, Oregon, in the Pacific Northwest inhabited almost entirely by geniuses and scientists. Nearly everyone in Eureka works for Global Dynamics, a huge advanced research facility responsible for the development of nearly all major technological breakthroughs in the last 50 years. Each episode features a mysterious accidental or intentional misuse of technology, which the town Sheriff Jack Carter then solves with the help of town scientists. Each season also features a larger story arc that concerns a particular major event or item.”

And speaking of insane comedy, weird science, and crazy plot twists, there simply is no better example than the first episode I watched – the Christmas special Do You See What I See. The episode is described in detail at the linked to site, but here’s a nice “recap” from the good folks at TV Fanatic:

“The episode opened with it being Christmas in Eureka and Carter planning the perfect surprise for the kids in the form of a white Christmas. However, when the Super Photon Generator overloads and interacts with Jenna’s holographic storybook everyone outside SARAH ended up animated.

While jumping from animation style to animation style, (landing on Claymation the longest), Carter, Jo, [and] Allison try to get to the photon generator while Henry and Fargo try to figure out how to regain control of it. When Zoe and Kevin figured out that Jenna’s book was interacting with the photon generator and that they couldn’t delete a giant snow ninja “sninja” Kevin arranged one more shift in animation to Japanese Anime where they were able to beat the Sninja.

Just as they beat the Sninja, Allison, Andy and Dr. Drummond manage to recover the controls to the photon generator and everything went back to normal.”

If that isn’t quite crazy enough for you, you could jump on into the “deep end” by watching the full episode at Do You See What I See? | Syfy Video | Syfy or at Eureka – Full Episodes and Clips – Hulu.

For those of you who’ve never seen the show at all, here’s a wonderful “look back” with Eureka’s cast and crew as it headed into its final season:

As for what I’ve seen so far of Eureka Season 4.5, well imagine, if you can, a crazy-funny version of The MatrixOn Acid!

You can catch up on recent episodes at the video links I provided above. New episodes air on Mondays at 9pm eastern in my timeline, although you may want to check your… um… “local” listings for airdates in your reality. Oh yeah, SyFy has also been running old episode marathons all day before each new show! 😀

I want ice water.

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20 thoughts on “A Day In Eureka!

    • Oh I totally agree with you my friend. Still, I would like to see her torment that Senator bitch in “The Matrix” a bit more before that happens! 😈


  1. I used to watch this show when it first came on, and watched for a couple seasons, but it got to be tooo hokey, and I have a hard time following the plot smetimes…………..so last night I went into the other room and watched Avitar……which had good story plot and great visuals effects.! Si Fi is on at our house all the time, and I am saturated!!! sorry, but this one I can do without….like others, this one just got too much !!


    • Would you believe that I haven’t seen Avatar yet Rosie? But I can understand what you mean about Eureka though. I don’t really watch that much on SyFy, so it never gets to the “overload” condition for me. I’m curious as to whether you’ve ever seen Fringe and, if you have, what did you think of it? 😀


      • I have seen Fringe…it’s a weekly at my house…sometimes I opt out, but sometimes I watch/fall asleep….LOL.it is hard to follow sometimes too, but I have seen it enough that I can get it, The 2 worlds, with the same people was confusing, but I guess that has ended ( per last week) right? ……….for now anyway.


  2. I don’t recall even hearing about this show, much less watching it. But it saddens me to hear that yet another of your favorites is in its final season. Doesn’t seem fair that so many should end at the same time.


  3. I had to laugh, reading what you said about clearing out backlog on your DVR! I know the feeling!
    Before I had Internet access, I spent too much time watching TV (shows and VHS/DVD movies), and not enough time reading books. Now I spend too much time on the Internet, and not enough time watching TV!


    • That’s funny Scott. I was just thinking, after responding to your “Synchronicity” comment, that getting a copy might take a while considering how many books are ahead of it on my list. But then it occurred to me that, if I had a more reliable PC, I’d be doing so much with it that the TV would be getting ignored as much as the books! 😀


  4. Why have I not heard of this show? Oh, that’s right, I don’t like sci fi!!!! However I did watch the trailer and it does have my sick sense of humor so I will endeavour to locate it Down Under 🙂


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