Ruby Slippers?

It’s a rare person indeed who is born into the precise role their consciousness is best suited to. Most are fortunate just to arrive within “the ballpark” of where they need to be. For some however, getting to their “comfort zone” requires an arduous and painful journey along a very dark and lonely road. But even they can complete their journey if they’re willing to recognize, and accept, the help they need along the way.

The following clips highlight the “Ruby Slippers” episode of another one of my favorite TV shows, The Mentalist. It’s about a man who was thought to have been murdered for being gay, but whose life actually ended in a way that only Patrick Jane could have figured out…

(Note that these clips will automatically roll into others from the episode after a small delay. As I don’t know how to prevent that, you’ll have to pause them when they’re done.)

Now in case you think our fairy tale ends there, on such a horribly sad note, let me tell you my friends that you are very, very wrong…

Unfortunately, the clip ends before showing Fifi Nix’s first on-stage performance – the part that actually inspired me to write this post. But I think you can guess what comes next. After all, the episode wasn’t called “Ruby Slippers” by accident… 😀

I want ice water.

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8 thoughts on “Ruby Slippers?

    • Thanks PT. The Mentalist is another show that I’ve been meaning to feature for a long time, but somehow never got around to. This episode tugged really hard on the old heartstrings though, because of all the suffering outcasts I’ve known and been close to in my life… 😕


  1. We also follow the mentalist. This was a great episode. The son guessed that it was a suicide, and I agreed with him. It was nice to see the twist at the end, and three assholes get what they deserved.


    • Thanks Archon. Like so many of my favorite shows, I’ve been intending to post about The Mentalist for a long time. I still even have the bookmarks for videos I searched out over the summer after the big “Patrick Kills Red John” season finale. Of course, only 1 of the 4 are still accessible! 🙄

      I was also leaning toward the “suicide” theory for this episode too, but there just seemed to be too much time left in the show for things to develop. And even though it still took me by surprise, the story couldn’t have had a better ending! 😀


    • Hi Poch! It’s great to have you stop by again. Too bad your visit has to be spoiled by stupid “geographic” restrictions! I did a quick search on YouTube and found the trailer for this episode. I’m curious as to whether or not you can see it:


  2. As I’m trying to comment on your post, my computer is freezing.

    I don’t watch this particular show, only because I’m tring to limit my television addiction. Good clips, and great ending.


    • It seems this PC freezing thing is going around, eh? I thought that episode was particularly timely considering Obama’s finally coming out in favor of gay marriage! 😀


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