20 thoughts on “Cool Overdose!

        • Thanks. I’ve SO got to get a better PC, so I can experiment with some of the huge assortment of free image manipulation and video creation software I’ve bookmarked! 😕


          • GIMP! The best open source software that rivals Photoshop. I used it for a long time before I could afford photoshop. And I still use it from time to time depending on what I’m doing. it’s open source and not a memory hog like Adobe products. Not sure what you’re running there, but I can guarantee it won’t be as much of a processor and memory hog as you think it will be. Tons of tutorials in youtube to help you learn the basics (primarily where you can find stuff, and what the icons mean). You’ll love it. Just google “gimp windows download” and jump all over it.


            • GIMP is at the top of the list, but the problem isn’t a lack of processing power or memory, it’s the totally unpredictable “freeze-ups” my PC is prone too. I can’t imagine that a freeze-up would be a good thing in the middle of complex image manipulation – or video creation for that matter. I’ve had to resort to using Google Docs for all my writing, including this response, because it saves automatically after every keystroke. I had been using an off-line text editor, but switched find a huge file filled with “NULL” codes after a crash!


              • Ahhh…. I can understand. Well, you can always do a [control + S] every minute or so. I do so much, it’s habit for me. I lost a HUGE project in Illustrator once – I’d worked on for several hours without realizing I had not saved it. Then I did something which Illustrator didn’t like, it froze and crashed. All gonzo. I cried. Well, wanted to cry anyway.


            • The [control + S] function is exactly why I was using the off-line text editor in the first place, but the “NULL” codes thing overwrote even what I had saved! 😯

              No, I’ll just wait to take on such a challenge until I can be reasonably sure… 😕


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