To The Right – March?

Who’d have thunk it friends? Way back when “these guys”…

Began their great “Race to the Far Right”…

In a “competition” to sound as much like “this guy” as possible…

Pretending all along, of course, that they were not “really” anything like that guy…

All in an effort to gain the “support” of guys like these…

And I had all but concluded that this guy had “won the part” hands down…

But amazingly, through some weird process I can’t begin to explain, something “loosely related to reason” took over…

Causing the “fearless leader” I had my money on to drop out of the race…

Leaving this guy as the apparent “Big Winner”…

But I can’t help wondering if “our champion” might be feeling a bit “uncomfortable” with his “exalted” new position…

And might itching, a little, to just “get away from it all”…

I want ice water.

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35 thoughts on “To The Right – March?

  1. wow, think you crammed in the entire presidential debate in one big go… As an outsider I can only sit with an open mouth and gape in wonder when I hear the stuff they say. And these people wants to rule the world, yeah… right… bye bye bright world… 😀


    • It’s taken since I started working on it late last night to get this done, and that’s with too many PC freeze-ups to even count. And I’ve got another one for the “left side of the equation” in the works!

      I tell ya my friend, the way these clowns make us look to the world at large it irks me to no end. Bye bye bright world indeed! 🙄


  2. I love that pic of Mitt! It”s soooo true! Every time he turns around he’s speaking from the other side of his mouth. There are many things I don’t like about that dude but his propensity for changing his rhetoric is just too much!


    • The single biggest impression I have of Romney is that he’s a nice guy who’s in waaaaay over his head in this politics game. I’ve thought that from the start and the feeling has only grown as this thing has wore on. And now that he’s found himself the presumptive “Hitler in Chief,” I have to believe that he’s wondering just how he can “un-paint” himself from the terrifying corner he’s gotten himself into! 😯


      • He has too much business acumen to be “nice” but it’s a lovely sentiment! But he has a lot of sheep…maybe he is Mary (had a little lamb)?


        • While Romney doesn’t strike me as someone I’d be friends with, what I know about him has been so thoroughly “spun” by the media that I’m simply not comfortable judging him by it. Besides, I can’t hold a grudge for more than a few minutes anyway! 😀


          • These days I don’t know what to believe so I usually take everything with a grain of salt. I don’t even know what that really means either but my mama always said it so it must be true! (hahahaha!)


            • My mom had all sorts of memorable sayings as well. Oddly enough, I actually looked up the “grain of salt” thing just the other day. It traces back to salt making bad food taste better and, since poisoned food (at least ancient poisons) also tastes bad, people also thought salt was a cure for poisoning. Finally, since having someone lie to you is kinda-sorta like having your life poisoned… 🙄

              Now if I can only do a trace on my mom’s “Boy, you ought to be shot with a shit-gun and hung for stinking!” 😆


  3. “Stop me when you’ve heard something you like … ” ROFL! Might as well be, “Tell me what you like and I’ll say it.” The man doesn’t know from one minute to the next which mouth he’s speaking out of.


    • I damned near laughed my ass of when I found that one! But what can you expect from a man who’s playing a role that’s so far from his roots? Remember “Romney-Care?” 😀


  4. Okay, first, Friggin Loon is spot on.
    Second, stellar collection of images and vids. Glad I didn’t have a liquid in my mouth when I began reading.
    Third, I want to repost the funny or die video but I can’t get it to work. I tried using the link . . . what’s up. How do you get it into a wordpress post?


    • Thanks poietes, I’m glad you protected yourself in advance! 😀

      I used the gigya shortcode to embed the Funny or Die video. I’ve placed the exact coding I used in a TextSnip slot for you at:

      If you compare their their full code to what I’ve done, you can see how to use the gigya thing for other embeds. You can also go to wordpress tips, where I learned how to use it. Panos has a link for it right on his front page.

      BTW, the last line in the code I gave is to make sure there’s adequate spacing after the video. Good luck! 😀


  5. I favor neither the Democratic nor Republican Party–I’m a card-carrying Independent. Still, the focus I’ve seen most in the Republican race is who can best beat Obama. And that should never be the focus of any campaign, because it skirts the real issues–it asks the voters to vote based on who is right, not what is right.


    • Well said Scott – you’re absolutely right! I’m a total believer in being independent as well. I think that, if the party politicians weren’t so sure of the support of those who’ve aligned themselves to their side, then perhaps they wouldn’t try to get away with so much bull!


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