Your Sunday Awesome

Just a tiny sampling of wonders found while “globe hopping” via the Internet:

Via Coolest. Sun Pic. Ever. « Lights in the Dark
and See The Sun In A Whole New Light: Big Pic : Discovery News

Via Outer Space « Metousiosis

Via Somewhere « Metousiosis

Via New Symphony of Science video!!

Via Dubai’s Island Version of the World, As Seen from Space

And finally, from Experience 3D High Resolution Panoramic 360 Degree Aerial Views From Your Web Browser « What’s On My PC
there’s the absolute must see 360 Degree Aerial Panorama | 3D Virtual Tours Around the World | Photos of the Most Interesting Places on the Earth |

Quite a mouthful, right? Well trust me, that’s nothing compared to the thrill you’ll get from exploring the site! 😀

I want ice water.

More Visual Treats

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14 thoughts on “Your Sunday Awesome

  1. Awesome indeed! I remember learning in college about Galileo–how he eventually became blind from looking at the Sun through his telescopes. Now astronomers can view the sun without any eye damage, due to advanced technology. If only Galileo would have known…but then they have Galileo to thank!


    • Thanks Frank. I love those Symphony of Science videos, even though a lot of people complain about the auto-tuning effect used in them. But, you’re right, the time lapse have always been my favorites! 😀


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