Damn! Looks Like The Joke’s On Me!

This is just a little “something something” I threw together to express my feeling over the tragic outcome of last night’s “Final Four” game between my hometown Ohio State Buckeyes and the Kansas Jayhawks. A lot of it has been reblogged from other sources, and I’ve provided the appropriate linking where needed. So…

Oh boy, I was so hyped for the game that I even made the two mile round trip walk to the grocery store just to ensure I had all the pop, candy, cookies, and chips (i.e., “nail-biter munchies”) I’d need to get me through what I’d hoped to be a truly memorable night. And so it was that I sat down for the big event…

Even though history had given me a keen eye for the warning signs…

I still just couldn’t resist reaching for that rainbow one more time…

Via Touch the Rainbow

And we all know where risking our hearts on a “low odds” bet can lead…

So, instead of the “happy ending” I was hoping for…

Something entirely different “burst forth” instead…

Kansas comes back, beats Ohio State to reach title game

Let me tell ya friends, I was NOT a happy camper…

Hell, even my Inbox is screwing with my head today! But at least I’m spending it in the company of some nice new friends. I think… 😯

Via The perfect theme song
and Israeli Rockers Red Band More Than Raunchy Muppets

Is it possible I overdid it, just a bit, with that massive infusion of munchies?

I want ice water.

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30 thoughts on “Damn! Looks Like The Joke’s On Me!

    • Excellent advice my friend. I’m not sure my heart can stand another ride like that, but I’ll definitely be there if they make it back. 😀

      I’m such a sucker… 😳


  1. Excellent post! Yes, I was very bummed when OSU lost. I had them picked to play against KY in the final game. This would have been the first time I actually would have picked both teams in the final game. Usually I’ve lost out on one side before now.

    And LOVE that video with the muppets and Crazy song. I checked out that sight. That is really cool!


    • Wow, you picked better than I did. I’d have never thought OSU would get as far as they did! 😳

      Isn’t the Red Band just too cool? I’m not sure which of the sites you meant but, just in case, there’s a really nice slide show on the second one! 😀


    • So, the Big 8 “big jinx” lady come by to make her apologies, eh? Oh how I want to be so angry with you! The sad fact is, though, that Kansas vs. Kentucky does (probably) make for a better final match-up. But they’d better be prepared to play the entire game like they did in the second half last night! 😀


  2. Did you hear me screaming and cursing at my television last nite Isaak??

    My kids were horrified at my behavior. I was horrified watching the Bucks give that damn game away.

    Fucking foul shots. Ugh.


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  4. Thanks for the laughs! I can’t decide which is funnier, the scene from “Spaceballs” (I definitely need to see that movie), or the ejaculating Skittles vid!


    • You know Sue, considering what a pain it is working with this old hunk-o-junk, I can only quote from one of my favorite movies – White Men Can’t Jump:

      “It ain’t easy being this good.” Or “It is hard God damn work, making something this pretty look like a chump!” 😆


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