Adam Savage Is My Hero!

Somewhere, buried deep inside this blog amongst all my crazy ramblings, I talked about how my fascination with the space program inspired within me a lifelong love of learning. I also talked about how my “socialization issues” drove me away from the formal education system and, eventually, lead me to spending countless hours in public libraries, where I could study whatever I wanted without the fear and chaos rampant in public schools.

Despite my new found “independence” however, I was still an extremely disillusioned little kid who, lacking “real world” examples I could look up to, was in desperate need of a hero to emulate. But the thing is that my love for science and my longing for truth had spoiled, for the most part, any fascination I had had with with comic-book style “super” heroes, whose heroic “abilities” derived primarily from accidents of nature.

Even the great Batman, who easily passed the “real” guy test, and who I liked to “be” most back in the days of “pretend” play, fell way short of what I wanted when it came to actual, workable science. What I wanted, more than anything else, was a hero whose abilities were all attained by his own dedicated and relentless efforts, and whose “toys” were based on genuine, technologically achievable, science.

What I found was an old, 1930s style, pulp fiction character named Doc Savage.

For anyone interested, the link above the image provides a very nice breakdown of everything you could ever want to know about Doc Savage, but for me the most pertinent stuff is contained in the Fictional character biography section, where the wonderfully inspiring Doc Savage Oath can be found:

“Let me strive every moment of my life to make myself better and better, to the best of my ability, that all may profit by it. Let me think of the right and lend all my assistance to those who need it, with no regard for anything but justice. Let me take what comes with a smile, without loss of courage. Let me be considerate of my country, of my fellow citizens and my associates in everything I say and do. Let me do right to all, and wrong no man.”

Anyway… I said all that to give you some insights in the deeply buried motivation behind my including the following in my I Reject Your Reality… post:

“After spending my whole life treading water in a sea of lunacy, I found myself literally rolling on the floor laughing after I heard MythBuster Adam Savage say:

And that, of course, is because those words so perfectly reflect my own attitude towards the madness that we all live with everyday:”

And so you can understand why I was just absolutely thrilled by what was posted on the Metousiosis blog last night:

Via Adam Savage @ The Reason Rally

Now I know that, in the minds of most, Bizarro would be about the closest thing to “superhero” status I could ever earn. But, IMHO, the real Bizzaros among us are those who didn’t cheer at the end of Adam Savage’s speech!

I want ice water.

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37 thoughts on “Adam Savage Is My Hero!

  1. Oh I loved Doc Savage, my god, I still have some of the comics in my mom and dads place. And that video at the Reason rally is spot-on, I just never knew that he was that articulate and down-right scary smart…


    • Thank my friend. Have you seen the massive commentary on the YouTube page for this video?!?! The weirdest thing of all is that I had been searching Google and YouTube for Doc Savage stuff just the other day, with the thought of doing some kind of post about him. Metousiosis’ post is what really got my juices flowing by reminding me of my background thinking on Adam Savage!

      BTW, I actually considered calling this post “E=MC Fucking Squared Man!” 😆


  2. Wow Mak….thanks SO much for posting this. I’ve been looking for decent quality video from the rally….and I found some here! That was one amazing speech by Adam Savage. I think I may have a new hero as well.

    And since you’re a Doc Savage fan I’m wondering if you’ve read Paul Malmont’s books “The Astounding, the Amazing and the Unknown’, and ‘The Chinatown Death Cloud Peril’.


    • I think our friend at the Metousiosis blog has some special connects or something. I can always find something unique and/or amazing over there. If you aren’t a subscriber, you should be! 😀

      To be honest, it’s been close to 40 years since I last read a Doc Savage novel. Until something (???) inspired me to go Googling and YouTubing the other day, I had only hazy but happy teenaged memories of those cool book covers showing the “perfectly proportioned” man with principles everyone should aspire to. 😀

      And sorry no, I haven’t read anything by Paul Malmont. I did find his site while doing a quick search though, and it is most impressive. I even see where he’s part of a team releasing new Doc Savage novels! Wow, I’d sure like to check one of those out! 😀


      • I wasn’t a subscriber to Metousiosis…but after commenting here I checked it out, and I am now. : )
        I also read your post on Chris Hitchens…and the comment thread, good stuff.


        • I knew you’d like that blog. And thanks for reading the Christopher Hitchens post. There are so many people I need to add to the My Heroes volume, like Neil deGrasse Tyson for example, and several others that came to mind during our earlier comment exchange.

          You see, after reading so many of the Doc Savage novels, the librarian (who should have been tossing such an habitual truant out on his ear) asked my what is was I liked about them so much. After I explained, she took it upon herself to introduce me to the likes of Asimov, Heinlein, and Clarke. That’s why I never got around to the other great pulp fiction style stuff…

          And then, years later, another librarian made the mistake of declaring that I sounded just like Ayn Rand. I think she wanted to pull me back from the dark side, but the story didn’t quite work out that way… 😉


          • If you like Heinlein and Asimov…you HAVE to read Paul Malmont!
            And as for heroes, at the moment Neil deGrasse Tyson is #1 for me. I just finished Space Chronicles…and can think of little else. (I’m now waiting for Lawrence Krauss’ A Universe From Nothing, which I have on hold at the library!)


            • Wow, that high praise for Paul Malmont! I see you have A Science Based Life on your blogroll. Do you agree that Neil deGrasse Tyson is the New Carl Sagan? I’m thinking he may just be!

              I do so miss reading like I used to, but I just haven’t been able to do it for a number of years now. I know it sounds strange but, from an emotional standpoint, I’m like the little boy reading The NeverEnding Story – I literally get lost in a good book to the point that the psychic shock of returning to the real world just became too difficult to deal with.

              Have you ever read any of Orson Scott Card’s or Stephen R. Donaldson’s books? I new I had a serious problem when I couldn’t stop crying for hours after reading Red Prophet from Card’s The Tales of Alvin Maker series. I managed to read all of them except for The Crystal City before finally having to stop. And don’t even get me started on Donaldson’s The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, of which there’s an entire “Last Chronicles” I haven’t read!


  3. OK, after I got over the bizarre man in the blue hoodie, I loved the video. I must be honest never heard of Adam Savage but I’m off to Google the dude. Thanks IzaakMak. I’m so not into Superheroes BUT… Kickass rocks


  4. Do I think Neil DeGrasse Tyson is the new Carl Sagan? I hope so. Both are/were great communicators able to reach people and speak in terms which we understand and which excites us….this is very freaking difficult for an astrophysicist to do!
    I think DeGrasse Tyson has a much more difficult task than Sagan. Sagan spoke to a nation which was excited about the Apollo missions, excited about human exploration beyond low Earth orbit, and damn excited about being the nation to lead this exploration… and much more willing to foot the bill to do so. Today we don’t seem to understand the importance of human exploration. Robotics do not explore, they only look for what they’ve been programmed to look for. They’re much needed and awesomely cool….but not the same as human explorers. Also, today there’s a general attitude that NASA’s budget is well…astronomical. It’s not. It’s shockingly and shamefully low. I’ve read that DeGrasse Tyson is starting a new Cosmos series for TV in 2013…I seriously hope he can reach the nation in the same way Sagan did.

    I haven’t read any of the books you mentioned, but I’ll check them out. My reading list is LONG, but there’s always room for more. 🙂


    • Wow, a new Cosmos series for TV? That is so cool. And based on how much I liked his NOVA Science NOW series, I know that Tyson is just the man for the job! I love the original series with Carl Sagan, though I actually hated what seemed to me a very negative media reaction. I hope Tyson can really get the kids engaged. I had to practically beg my kids to watch the original series with me. –

      As for our need for a manned space program, I think we need to stop soft peddling the issue and bring the public face to face with the serious dangers of having all our “eggs” in one basket –

      I feel like I owe you an apology for the steaming pile of blues I dumped on you about me and reading, especially considering the two series I mentioned were out of context in a conversation about “science” fiction. If you’re curious as to what I mean, I’ve edited that comment so those references are now links.

      Both of those writers have actually written some great science fiction as well:

      Card’s Ender’s Game series was really popular, though I found it to be a bit too morbid for my tastes once you got past the first book. The first book though, Ender’s Game, was truly awesome and would be especially fascinating for anyone who owns an iPad! 😉 –

      Donaldson’s The Gap Cycle is a brilliantly written “hard science” fiction series that I just couldn’t put down. I actually bought several of them in hardcover editions because waiting for the paperbacks was just too excruciating! 😀 –


  5. I no longer come here just for the posts but for the comments as well. It is like riding a shooting star to knowledge I have been searching for my whole life…wheeeeeeeeeeeeee


  6. I have enjoyed readin this stuff today……I am not a reader, but I do like C. Sagen and the NOVA series..I watch the science chanel regurarly and now there is a young man who is so interesting, just like Segan… this who you are refering to as being the next “Carl”? If so I am excited as well..he is awsome Did not catch his name those times I watched, but would like to follow him regurarly.


  7. Hi Rosie. Love the new avatar image! We were talking about Neil DeGrasse Tyson, whom might might recognize from NOVA scienceNOW on PBS. But I think the guy you’re talking about is Brian Cox, who hosts both the Wonders Of The Solar System and Wonders Of The Universe shows on the Science channel. He’s another one that I really love to watch! He appears in both my The Worst Flood Ever? post and Onward To The Edge! post.

    Here’s another cool thing by him:


  8. “I reject your reality and substitute my own” — when did Savage bug my house? No really, spot-on perfect. Great vids, and as always, your comment section is just as entertaining as your post.

    (Thanks for the Tyson link, btw)


    • Thanks my friend. I often feel as if TV has stolen my material! 😉

      I have a lot of fun with the comments too. That is, when I can get to them before I run out of steam! Sorry about that… 😕


  9. I’ve been watching MythBusters pretty much from the start, and I’ve heard a few of Adam’s talks at TED and so on. And I have concluded through careful empirical analysis and much thought that Adam Savage fucking rules!

    As does Jamie, I should add. And Kari, Grant and Tori. Oh, and Scottie, too.


    • They really do. And how can you not love a group that uses crazy dangerous science to dispel crazy dangerous mythologies, while making a living at it too?!?! 😀


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