Nature or Nurture?

You know, out of all my five children, my oldest son is the one I spent the most time in conversation with while he was growing up. Moreover, he really seemed to enjoy listening to me talk about everything from philosophy to science to music to fiction. Hell, I don’t like to brag, but I do think that all that time we spent together has played a significant role in his becoming the well adjusted, fully mature husband and father he is today.

Anyway, I got a copy of a video he made after some fairly bad storms blew through our area last weekend, and, remembering our talks about what I had learned during my time as an Air Force Weather Observer, I couldn’t wait to see how much of it he remembered.

So here it is, my son making his old dad proud!

Somehow, the word “pride” doesn’t adequately describe what I’m feeling…   Smiley

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Apparently, there were “other influences” that managed to slip past my guard…

You know, when they talked about it taking a village to raise a child,
they forgot to advise us on the quality of the village…

I think I’ll be going now…

I want ice water.

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27 thoughts on “Nature or Nurture?

    • Thanks PT! I remembered seeing it only after he reminded me of it – when I was just about to publish this post without mentioning it. That’s why I added the playlist at the end, which includes that Spongbob video! πŸ˜€


    • You know, I feared that my failure to remember such a “news worthy” event was another sign of my impending senility. I felt a lot better (I think?), when my son had to remind all his friends on Facebook about it too. πŸ˜€


  1. Good Cthulhu, that guy in the second video! I’ve got my headphones plugged in ‘cos my speakers are busted, and boy am I glad I took them off before playing that!

    Satirically or not, your son wants to watch out asking “What does it mean?” about aerial phenomena on Youtube. Before you know it the chemtrail theorists and assorted other nuts will be out in full force.


    • If I understand what you mean by “that guy in the second video” (which is actually a playlist containing THREE videos, that’s the guy my son was making fun of in his (the first) video. Hell, he’d probably welcome an onslaught from the lunatic fringe as more fuel for the mockery bonfire! πŸ˜€


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  3. I had not seen the double rainbow sponge bob thing before..or the other one. from
    u-tube…but ………..after watching the second one and the Sponge Bob clip I HAD to go back and watch the FIRST one again………… funny……..I loved it……I can see where his sence of humor comes from!!!! great post. As they say…the apple does not fall far from the tree.. GREAT JOB MAK!


  4. What does it mean . . . wow . . . fruit smoothies for everyone . . .

    Your son may not have used all of that weather observation jargon that you taught him, but I think that he captured your essence perfectly. It’s just a toss-up as to whether his is better than Sponge Bob’s . . .


    • We humans are so hard pressed to compete with cartoons. I’m sure my son would be most appreciative of the comparison – to SpongeBob, not necessarilly to me! πŸ˜‰


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