A Hump Day Pink Floyd Three Way

Okay, it’s the crack of dawn on Wednesday, and I’ve been up all night watching TV, watching videos, and browsing the blogosphere. Amazingly enough, my hunk-o-junk has frozen up on me once all night! So, get while the getting is good, right? Unfortunately, out of all that watching and browsing the only thing(s) I’ve run across that actually seems worth posting are three Pink Floyd videos. But they are some damned good ones!

I chose this first video because, let’s face it, this really is an “empty space filling” kind of post. But also because I’ve always been fascinated by how different the movie version of this song is from the one on the studio album:

I chose this second video because I’ve been meaning for so long to include it in an updated version of It’s Nature’s Way Of Telling You Something’s Wrong. I don’t know if I’ll ever get around to actually doing that, but I really do want this on my blog:

And, finally, I chose this last video because it’s my very favorite Pink Floyd song and it’s so relative to what I wrote about yesterday:

I want ice water.

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10 thoughts on “A Hump Day Pink Floyd Three Way

  1. The Pink is in me. When I saw The Wall I was scared out of my pants but have since recovered and learned to love them. I recently bought my daughter some PF LP’s (she got a record player for Christmas) and am loving that she digs them, too.


  2. Damn! Wouldn’t you know that, after all these hours with no problem, this thing would freeze up on me while I was trying to get to that part?!?! I’ll have to check later PT… 😕


    • And that they do! I held on to my record collection for years past the time I actually had the equipment to play them on, and I still regret getting rid of them when I finally got tired of dragging them through move after move. Fortunately, I have most of that collection in digital form now, to listen to on my PC when I’m feeling especially courageous… 😯


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