Screwing with the Ding-Bats!

My friends, if you haven’t done so already, I urge you to read the Planned Parenthood Distributes Condoms with QR Codes to Check In on a Website post over at the Motley News blog. I laughed so hard at the thought of all the Right Wing Dingbat heads exploding over the news that I could barely type a comment!

In my never ending quest for blogging clarity (all for you my friends!), I scrounged up this old clip to help Flesh Out the imagery flashing through my mind:

Appropriate, I think, considering how desperate they are for all that Dingbat Love! But I did manage to find a workable plan to help them Relieve Their Stress:

Considering that he’s probably avoided sex education like it was the plague, perhaps he should Bone Up at Planned Parenthood first before Getting Busy!

Don’t forget to read Planned Parenthood Distributes Condoms with QR Codes to Check In on a Website! 😀

I want ice water.

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24 thoughts on “Screwing with the Ding-Bats!

    • Thanks mate! I was hoping to find something fitting amongst the zillions of “WTF? Boom!” videos to go with the Carrey doing Bolton thing, but i just ran out of patience. Youtube search sucks compared to Google. You’d think, with Google owning them now and all, they’d get that together!


  1. Seriously IzaakMak, all that achieves is people boasting/lying about their conquests. I personally would be happy seeing GPSs attached to condoms so I can follow their exploits via Google Earth. Hmm, or even a mini camera so it would give me something to watch for a few minutes.


    • Well Loon, you know everyone’s out to get there moment of glory these days, and I’m sure they’d be lining up to participate in either of those plans. Although… Some might be embarrassed by how short their “moment of glory” actually was! 😀


  2. sorry – I put my comment about Jim Carey in the wrong post!!! DOOOOOHHHH. What an ignoramus I am!!! Don’t worry, just because I like Motley News too doesn’t mean I won’t be over here for more of you and your perspective. All is good!!!!
    I give Planned Parenthood a standing O, but I may give that website my second hand breakfast!!! Crazy, crazy world we got here, eh‽‽‽‽‽


  3. Oh this is hilarious my friend!!!
    Planned Parenthood handing out condoms QR next someone will be planting them in wallets to track Stray Dicks away from home travels. LOL
    The Videos were funny too!
    I jaunted over to Motley News link…what a hoot!!!


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