Sunday Sermon – View It Before It’s Censored!

I had originally planned to post something sick and twisted as a protest to the ongoing madness of our situation in the Middle East. It’s been far too long since I’ve spoken out, and the ever increasing lunacy is really feeding into my inner darkness. And you know that kind of darkness just has to be purged periodically.

However, when I read this morning’s upload notification from the TheThinkingAtheist’s Channel on YouTube, I knew I had to post it here before it, too, has been censored away:

“To support the freedom of speech on YouTube, and to protest the label of hate speech by the thin-skinned, hypersensitive and ridiculous “victims” in religious communities, I’m mirroring Thunderf00t’s video on the subject (with his permission). Feel free to do the same, or at least share links and promote in your own circle. -Seth”

Via The Thinking Atheist

You can find download links for those censored videos in the text under the video.

I want ice water.

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29 thoughts on “Sunday Sermon – View It Before It’s Censored!

  1. Oh dear. I’m not in the least interested in religion and it offends me that you tube vids can be taken down on religious grounds. I shall share these thoughts and this video. I’m very much afraid that ancient voodoo as this gent puts it is getting more and more out of step with society at large. And by this I mean all religions. It deeply worries me that youtube has censored such things. I loved the comment on “our women” being “allowed” to dress as whores. How can such bigoted, sexist and racist people get such inoffensive videos removed? It doesn’t seem right to me.


    • There’s an old saying that goes something like, “the squeaky wheel gets the oil.” While that usually means that the people who make the most noise get the most attention but, in the case of religious fanatics like that, it might well mean having your employees killed and your offices bombed. Sad!


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