Sunday Spectacular

Just some beautiful imagery today, to show my appreciation for the world I love so much.

Via The Blue Marble, 2012 Style: Big Pic « Discovery News

Via Earth Day: Putting Our Planet in Celestial Perspective « Discovery News

Via Stunning Time-Lapse Video of Yosemite National Park « Discovery News

Finally, lots of people posted about the recent solar storm activity and the amazing auroral displays it produced. Here are a couple of the many videos I ran across:

Via Aurora Borealis Timelapse, january 2012 on Vimeo on Vimeo

Via Time lapse – Aurora Borealis January 2012 on Vimeo on Vimeo

More coverage of the solar storms and auroras at:

Dance of the Spirits. Real Time Aurora footage. on Vimeo

Solar Storm in Progress! « Lights in the Dark

Aurora and the Largest Solar Storm in 6 Years « Metousiosis

Stunning Auroras From Around the World (January 22-23, 2012) « Universe Today

Solar Maxima 2012 « Zazen Life

I want ice water.

More Visual Treats

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21 thoughts on “Sunday Spectacular

  1. Very nice, Izaak. I was thinking as I watch this about how humanity is affecting the earth’s environment, about over fishing, and about the mass of debris now floating across the Pacific Ocean from Japan toward our West Coast. People who want to shut down the EPA need to watch these clips, IMHO.


    • Thanks Jim. An effective EPA, who’s energy is fully devoted to it’s stated mission, is what we need now more than ever. All the more reason to get big money out of politics!


    • Oh how I agree – on how lucky we are and in loving these vids. I added the last two as an afterthought, after singing in to Vimeo and seeing what a long list I had from subscribing to the “time lapse” tag! 😀


    • Whenever I look at stuff like this, I’m reminded of these quotes:

      “In fine, do we want to know what God is? Search not the book called the Scripture, which any human hand might make, but the Scripture called the Creation.” – Thomas Paine

      “That which is now called natural philosophy, embracing the whole circle of sciences, of which astronomy occupies the chief place, is the study of the works of God, and of the power and wisdom of God in His works, and is the true theology.” – Thomas Paine


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