Almost Halloween…

After having a very strange dream where the guys from The Big Bang Theory tried and failed (hilariously) to fix my ailing PC, I awoke to find it frozen up yet again. Gee, thanks guys! 😳 Anyway, once I got it going again, I found that my friend Rosie had sent me some funny “Almost Halloween” emails. The first was a follow-up on the one she sent that I posted as Why Dogs Hate Halloween:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The next one was called “Absolutely Best Commercial Ever!” which pointed me to the Hidden camera in cinema from Carlsberg is mrketing genius page containing this video:

But I’ve saved what I think is the coolest one for last! It was called “BOO!!!” and it contained the “Greatest Halloween Card Ever” link. I don’t know how to embed the animation (man, how I wish I did!), but I guarantee that it’s too cute to miss! 😀

I want ice water.

More E-Mail Funnies

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30 thoughts on “Almost Halloween…

    • Those pictures really make me laugh, but I have to wonder if cats would put up with such humiliation! I hope you didn’t forget to check out the “Greatest Halloween Card Ever” link at the end…


    • In my cartoon-driven, anthropomorphic fantasies involving the competition between cats and dogs, I imagine the cats teasing the hell out of the dogs who’d been humiliated that way. Hence the “Why Dogs Hate Halloween” title of the original post! 😀


  1. To dribblingpensioner and Jo Bryant: Thanks for the help, but note that I said “I don’t know how to embed the animation” in the post, meaning that I wanted the animation to play in the post itself. After trying what you suggested in a “test post,” all I got was a link to the animation – which is what my post already had… Thanks anyway. 😀


  2. I’ve always wanted to dress up my dogs for Halloween, but they wouldn’t have it. Although, the lab might let us if I gave her extra treats.

    Cats would never allow such frivolity.


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