Micaël Reynaud’s Mighty Morphing Animated GIFs

Oh man, I do so love a great animated GIF image. But the ones included in the Full of Life: Animated Morphing GIF’s post over at Visual News are just unbelievably good!

These quickly morphing GIF’s are completely captivating in their fast and fluid transition between images. Especially striking are the examples which follow a common theme, like famous paintings or iconic celebrities, morphing between many visually similar images. Micaël Reynaud of Montpellier, France, has been creating the animations in his spare time and has a treasure trove of well made examples over at his Google Plus account. You can also find him on Twitter.

Note: You may need to wait a little bit for this page to load. It’s image heavy.

These are just a few from that post:

See the rest at Full of Life: Animated Morphing GIF’s

I want ice water.

More Visual Treats

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41 thoughts on “Micaël Reynaud’s Mighty Morphing Animated GIFs

    • Wow, that seems like a lot of fun! I keep meaning to play around with this kind of stuff, but I never seem to get around to it. I’d love to, for example, convert my main header image into an animated GIF with flashing lightning and floating copies of my “alien” avatar. There’s a lot of software available to play with out there. Here’s one link to get you started on your quest: 5 Free Online Animated Gif Creators. Good luck and come back if you want more links! 😀


      • You will be asked to download the second part as well, i did and messed with it and then deleted it, i didn’t like it.

        I’ll try yours and let you kow, try on the forum and ask but i don’t think the header will take anything but static pictures.


        • Isn’t it amazing how often “free” things turn out to have a hooks hiding inside them? 😆

          I will check the forums on that, but I’m almost certain that I’ve seen animated headers on WP.com blogs before. Of course, I have been also mistaken before… 😯


  1. This is really fascinating, Izaak. When the post first came up, the images were changing slowly, but after fully loading they were going so fast I can’t enjoy them. I suspect they might be limited in speed only by the processing speed of my chip. Any way to slow it down?


      • I’m still thinking about it – it deserves more thought because I respect your opinion, but let me say that I have not read Rand’s stuff, but only read about it, so I need to read your comments again and try to absorb them.

        One of the problems too is lack of time. Seems incredible, I know, that a retired geezer’s life should be so full, but strangely it is. Mollie and I do most of the shopping for our son and 3 grandkids – (the parents work). Then there’s going to the Y across town every weekday morning, and doctors’ and dentist’s visits (yawn), tracking the family budget (Quicken 2007), a little TV (2 evening news plus an hour), and so it goes. But blogging is the biggest time sponge – people like you make it hard to put down. 🙂


        • You know, I suspected that you hadn’t read her stuff. I didn’t say so because it seemed disrespectful, and I’m not really into confrontation. The thing is that I suspect that most others who make statements against her work are also just repeating what they’ve heard as well, and that’s very frustrating.

          But I can understand, as well, the difficulties of pursuing the information directly. She uses very precise language, which required me to spend a good amount of time switching between her books and a dictionary, and she also uses as high a word count as needed to fully express her points. Atlas Shrugged ran well over 700 pages, and that was only one of ten or twelve that I’ve read – more than once!

          I lost what I thought of at the time as a best friend over that book. When our philosophical arguments got beyond my own language skills, I handed him my copy and said that he should read it for himself. A couple of months later, after consistently giving strange answers to my questions about his progress, he finally admitted that he hadn’t even started to read it. That was okay, since I knew how hard the material actually was. It was when he admitted that he actually hadn’t read it because his Nation Of Islam “adviser” had told him such things “weren’t FOR Black people” that I blew my top. Some best friend! 😐


  2. I thought the first one was pretty damn cool, then I scrolled down to the second. Six hours later I was roused by the acrid scent of smoke coming from my frazzled keyboard, which evidently was unable to cope with several millilitres of dribble. Perhaps unwisely, I soldiered on, and the spacey one is indeed all kinds of awesome. But as soon as I caught sight of the fourth one I was reminded of that episode of Fringe where someones PC monitor reaches out and kills him, and I got the hell outta there!

    The dangers of fire hazards and literal mindfucks aside, those were very cool!


  3. Hey Guy..The outerspace galaxy that looks like my wife and I plus a little burgermeister dog we are sitting on weekends is beautiful. While I have it..I would call it ‘Circle of the Soul’ with regard to the light that appears as the physical trappings appear to fall away. The morph is interesting to hypnotic. I started running one of the repetitive word hypno things out my mouth and had to stop..:-)..on one of the cartoons..where the guy is having a blue ‘effect’ from some strange disease..suffice to say 99% of everything we see around us is the product of someone’s imagination..leaves a lot of life with a lot of personal responsibility..now the ‘pap’ Great Blog..8th wonder of the world and truly a work of art..Peace Tony


  4. Well done. I would prefer them a little slower. For those looking for a free software app that lets you create the morphing face images, check out Sqirlz Morph. I found it useful as did my Media Literacy students. 🙂


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