Gingers Need Loving Too!

I’ve been fascinated by red hair for as long as I can remember. I think it has something to do with the “Red” nickname I was stuck with as a very young boy. I’m not sure, exactly, why I was called that, as advanced middle age and many years of brain cell killing activities have rendered those early days a bit obscure, to say the least. I think that maybe I had red (or redder) hair way back then, but the name could just as well derive from my being a play-hard-until-you-drop kinda kid who’s face was always red from exertion!

So anyway, last night, right after I watched the series premiere of this beautiful redhead’s new show…

Click Image For More Information

And right before I watched the season premiere of this beautiful redhead’s show…

Click Image For More Information

I got this email notice for Global Public Square’s Redheads turned away from sperm bank article which, in turn, contained the following RidicuList clip from Anderson Cooper’s AC360Β° program:

Please tell me redheads will get a better defense than that! 😯

UPDATE: I can’t resist adding this little gem I ran across after posting this. Be sure to check out the ending!

I want ice water.

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11 thoughts on “Gingers Need Loving Too!

  1. As a daughter of a Red-head and the Mother of a Red-head and the Grandmother of a Redhead and the Wife of a Red-head… I think I love RED HEADS! :-)… … Thanks IzaakMak for sticking up for Red heads :-)…


    • I was so tempted to include a smorgasbord of hot redheads, but didn’t for fear of going overboard. But Marg Helgenberger would’ve definitely been in the pack. Her role on CSI is right in line with my thinking about the two shows I did mention here: The exceptional minds demonstrated by these characters is even more impressive than the appearance!

      Did you see the CSI season premiere? Interesting… Very interesting! πŸ˜€


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