This is John Galt Speaking – Original Sin

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

Hamlet – Act 1, Scene 5

I couldn’t begin to count the number of times that quote, or some variation of it, has been used to cast doubt on an assertion I’ve made based on reason and logic. But it’s power derives from the fact that I’m an open-minded person who doesn’t hesitate to admit that he’s fallible. Against someone making assertions based solely on “faith” however, quotes like that seem to have no power whatsoever. Nonetheless, such assertions, particularly those with proven track records of damage done, cannot be allowed to stand unchallenged.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been over a year since I posted Episode 8 of this series. I’m afraid that I allowed the frustration I wrote about in Can Capitalism Survive its Conservative Defenders? (along with my reluctance to offend) get to me. But this next video addresses something that post did not: the death-based belief system the “defenders of freedom” use to proclaim their “moral” superiority. And I can think of no one who’s said it better than Ayn Rand did, speaking through her character John Galt.

Please Note: Although these videos contain precisely the kind of audio and imagery that I would have used had I the ability to produce them myself, the audio and imagery they contain is not the reason I’ve chosen to post them on my blog. These videos are here only because they contain a spoken version of the speech given by the John Galt character in Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged.

This is Episode 9 of the This is John Galt Speaking video series:

“Original Sin”

For information about the creator of these videos,
go to GaltSpeaking’s Channel on YouTube.

I want ice water.

This post is just one of many from the In Her Own Words volume of this blog.

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13 thoughts on “This is John Galt Speaking – Original Sin

    • Their belief I can live with (not that I want to), it’s the way they try to ram their beliefs down my throat that has to stop. As far as I’m concerned, the religious extremists in the Middle East and those attempting to increase their stranglehold on our country are fundamentally the same. The ones over here are just better at managing their image, and have access to far greater resources. Viewed from that perspective, they’re actually more dangerous!


  1. It’s nice, but you’ve got to ask yourself, would anyone who would truly benefit from watching this actually watch it? Hell no! I think that’s the point.

    Also, Nancy Pelosi should at least consider wearing a bra.


    • So, I’m preaching to the choir eh? I admit that I didn’t expect much of a response to this post, but I’ve been struggling my whole life to find words of my own to say what Rand says here. Even now, all these years later, my best still doesn’t come close. But I want this message on my blog anyway.

      Pelosi needs a lot more than a bra!


  2. There is certainly much more things in heaven than earth than we know.. And even more that those in the know want to keep from us… And Fear is one way in which they keep the masses in Fear, which helps keep us in control… Arrgh I could have a long long conversation upon this subject IzaakMak.. Maybe you will see What some of my own thoughts are at a Blog I posted way back here and if you search you can find more somewhere among my archives..
    Interesting Video and I read your last article link although I confess I don’t understand the political ins and outs of US politics I struggle keeping up with the UKs.. But at the end of the day.. All parties are under the umbrella of those who rule behind the scenes.. who pull the strings .. Have a great rest of the week IzaakMak


    • That’s a very interesting blog post Sue. I’m not sure, really, what to make of it. I absolutely think there’s more going on than we know, and that there are those out there who’d rather we only know what they want us to. Thanks for taking the time to watch the video, and have a great rest of the week yourself. 😀


  3. A very artistic video, Izaak. I’m not sure it is terribly instructive except to say that in holding Genesis up to reality it exposes it as myth, something most rational people already know. (Don’t they?) Another reality that seems to be missing in the message is that progress is actually a complex product derived from human interactions and not merely individuals. Even Isaac Newton “stood on the shoulders of giants”.

    Rand’s philosophy of materialism and the supremacy of the individual is appealing on first reading, but in my opinion it ultimately fails because we as a species are socially and technologically interdependent. Technology increases interdependence because of specialization, something which benefits everyone. I have tried to reason with ImaLibertarian on the subject, but to no avail – the meme is too powerful. He enjoys all the benefits of modern society including his Social Security and Medicare, but still considers taxation to be theft of what is his.


    • HeyZeus Jim! If all you got from that video is a refutation of Genesis, then I have to wonder just who is in the grip of an inescapable meme. To me, the overriding message behind all of Rand’s work can be boiled down to one simple statement: Think for yourself! Historically, however, anyone who does so (including Newton and the other “giants” whose shoulders he stood upon) has almost invariably been treated as some kind of pariah and shunned by the “socially and technologically interdependent” species you mentioned – even while they glory in the benefits of the independent thinking they abhor so much.

      Rand’s Objectivist philosophy is so much more than one of “materialism and the supremacy of the individual” as you describe it. Those are merely the logical trappings necessary to the depiction of a world where those who are truly the most valued among us are treated with the respect they’ve earned. Her philosophy is actually a form of spiritualism that has never been known on a mass scale before. One that teaches us to always look to the best within ourselves as the standard for our actions, and to hold acting in accordance with those standards as our highest principle.

      Objectivism is a direct refutation of almost every philosophy previously put forth, all of which teach that we should always hold the “not me” as the highest standard – a “meme” which keeps us forever trapped, like flies on flypaper, into a mentality that makes us almost incapable of acting in our own “rational” self-interest.

      I can’t speak to the situation ImaLibertarian finds himself in, but I know that it was my own lifelong attempt to live as a sane man in this “global nuthouse” that lead directly to my psychological breakdown and placed me onto the governments list of “unemployable disabled” (see my Opening Rant post). Personally, I think it’s ironic on an almost “cosmic” scale that my situation has accidentally put me in a position very similar to the one John Galt said that all thinking people should adopt – one of being “on strike” against the system that uses our own efforts to enslave and destroy us.


      • Well, I have re-read your post and comment as well as your March 2010 post on Rand, and I must say that while I’m a little bit at sea on it all, I also am not at this point motivated to go read Atlas Shrugged. However, when you say that her philosophy boils down to “think for yourself” and when you say,

        ” . . . always look to the best within ourselves as the standard for our actions, and to hold acting in accordance with those standards as our highest principle.

        I am reminded of John Paul Sartre and existentialism, which is defined thusly:

        A philosophical theory or approach that emphasized the existence of the individual person as a free and responsible agent determining their own development through acts of the will.

        This is all well and good for analysis of the meaning of life, but I don’t see how it changes the reality of living in an interdependent and specialized society. One could repair to some lonely island I suppose, but rational thought would seem to have us settle where we are and make the best of it. I submit that not everyone is out to get you – only about half of them. The trick is to grok the other half. Peace, my friend.



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