You Just Don’t F#@k With Matt Damon!

Okay, I woke up in a foul mood after sleeping with CNN playing on my TV all night. So, after juicing up my political outrage even more with a VERY large coffee, I rushed to my PC all prepared to pound out another Sunday Sermon! 😈

Fortunately (for you AND me), I ran across the email notification for Bats’ totally hilarious Silliness Makes The Soul Sound post first, which reminded me of another very funny “RidicuList” clip that I’d meant to post:

Don’t forget to check out Bat’s Silliness Makes The Soul Sound post. It’s very funny!

BTW, I thought for sure I’d be able to “one-up” Bats by embedding the actual video here (as I’ve done so many times before). Unfortunately my “skills” fell a little short, so I decided to do the “click on my captured image” approach to stave off the “terrible beast” that started rearing it’s ugly head again! 😳

I want ice water.

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29 thoughts on “You Just Don’t F#@k With Matt Damon!

  1. I couldn’t find the Ander-cat clip anywhere to be able to post the actual video so had to go by way of click on image. I was a bit disappointed in that and almost didn’t post it.


    • OMG Bats, I was so busy fumbling around with the “embed” codes provided by the CNN website that I completely forgot to check Youtube!

      I didn’t see one for the episode you did, but mine IS 12 days old. Maybe yours just hasn’t been uploaded yet. 😳


  2. I, too, tried to grab and embed this really funny clip. I concluded CNN had deliberately made it impossible (after all, it couldn’t possibly be that I was just too ignorant to do it). Regarding Piers, dump him, and the sooner the better. We don’t need another hack tabloid journalist and I refuse to watch him. Quest, on the other hand, is at least entertaining. I’m still not sure if he’s a comedian or a serious journalist, but that doubt keeps me watching.


    • You may be right about CNN’s embed stuff. I know I’ve had trouble embedding before and I’m pretty sure it was from CNN. The thing I don’t get about Piers Morgan is just how does such a “hack tabloid journalist” manage to get such a stunning line-up of guests to interview, and why do those guests seem so damned pleased to be there? The guy had Jeff Bridges on last night and that was so cool, but I kept thinking how much better it would be if it was someone like Charlie Rose across the table from him instead of Morgan!


  3. Hey Everyone! Panos (WP Tips) showed me how to do a proper embed of the AC360 video. I can’t change the size the way I can with some, but the “full screen” button works just fine (press Esc to exit)! 😀


  4. Even though I still don’t forgive him for that god-awful Informant movie I saw a couple of years ago (fool still owes me money from that travesty), Matt does redeem himself with this. I loved the camera man’s reaction to ‘Where did you get that figure from?’ – ‘Uh, I don’t know.’

    Yeah, because I make up figures all the time just to make myself sound more intelligent when I don’t know what the hell I’m talking about.


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