Thirty Years…

With just over three days left on my “Debt Ceiling Doomsday” clock, the big tug-of-war over raising the debt ceiling rages on – in Washington and on damn near every media outlet on the planet. And yet, despite the predictions of “dire economic consequences” coming in from practically everyone, both “sides” are steadfastly standing their ground like temperamental toddlers refusing to share their toys. Apparently, I need to throw more stuff against that damned wall!

Thirty years ago, I was nearly a year into my first job out of college and very determined to build the kind of life for my young family that my wife and I had not had when we were growing up. The country was half a year into the first term of the Reagan presidency and, looking towards the future, I was trying hard (despite the misgivings of my family and friends) to embrace what I thought of as “a libertarian brand of conservatism” that would help put America on a path more in line with that old –

“… to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity …”

– thing it’s founders had intended. Thirty years ago, I didn’t know what I’d learned by the time I wrote The Real Reagan Legacy for this blog.

Thirty years ago, I played, and sang along to, UK’s self-titled debut album every chance I got. And I particularly liked the song Thirty Years because it seemed to speak so clearly about missing out on great opportunities while chasing idealistic fantasies – which is how I had come to view the “liberal” ideology I’d been raised to believe in. Thirty years ago, I thought I knew exactly what this song meant.

However, like so much of what I “knew” to be true thirty years ago, it turns out that the song’s actual meaning is every bit as “open to interpretation” as the nonsensical crap spewing from the mouths of those Washington politicians. Hell, I’ve been singing along to this song, using what I was so “sure” were the correct lyrics, ever since I first heard it in the late 70s, and I understand it less today than I did over thirty years ago!

And it’s pretty apparent that I’m not the only one confused over the meaning behind Thirty Years, since I found nothing like a clear consensus on the song’s lyrics at the sites I visited in preparation for this post. But still, it is a really great song, and its nebulous meaning is actually very appropriate for this post, written over thirty years from the time I first heard it.

So, being the obsessive-compulsive perfectionist that I am (you wouldn’t believe how long it’s taken me to get the wording “just right” for this post), and, in an effort to finally get it right, I went back “under the hood” again to reproduce the best set of lyrics I could. The results are displayed below the video.

Crank It Up People!


Chasing rainbows for
A lifetime then left to go
Like shadows from the sun
Running to traces
Of faces you thought you saw
But never seemed to me much more
Than echoes of a day gone by
When someone else would have to try
To light the stars

In your sky…

All the things you planned
Just sand castles washed away
On tidal waves of tears
The fear’s overpowering
Your complex dreams just slither down
Drowning in rocky pools
Or smashed and dashed on peril’s course
Divorcing prematurely thoughts
Of lasting love

In your life…

Sometime when you’ve time to spare…
Dreaming of missed opportunities…
Spare a tear and douse your bridge…
Thirty years and on the ledge…

~ ~ ~ Awesome Musical Interlude ~ ~ ~

All the things you planned
Thirty years in bed
All the things you planned
Thirty years in bed

Chasing rainbows for a
Lifetime then left to go
Like shadows from the sun
Running to traces
Of faces you thought you saw
But never seemed to me much more
Than echoes of a day gone by
When someone else will have to try
To light the stars…

In the your sky…

Your Dark Sky…

My life has changed a lot over the last thirty years. However, even though the lyrics may be a little scary, perhaps even downright depressing, I still just love that song! 😀

I want ice water.

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2 thoughts on “Thirty Years…

  1. Thirty years ago . . . wow, do I even want to contemplate my life then? Not really sure, just as I’ve never been sure about this song, just as politicians pretend they’re sure but never are.

    Ronald Ray-gun? The genius who constructed trickle-down economics? The b-actor who fell asleep in front of the pope (not that I care about the pope, but it’s just the ludicrous nature of it). Reagan and new conservatives.

    Thirty years ago, I was just as liberal as I am now, just as distressed over the economic stratification of America, just as disillusioned about our government and our elected officials, but I was making a shit-ton of money, which I no longer am. One good thing about thirty years ago.


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