Countdown To Doomsday?

Hey everyone, check out the neat little “Debt Ceiling Doomsday” counter widget I added to the top of my sidebar! Yeah, I know, it’s pretty basic, especially compared to those Cool SharkBreak Widgets, but it works well enough I guess. And believe it or not (you know how I am), “well enough” is just fine with me, considering the number of widget sites I had to go through last night to find one with code that works here.

But find it I did, and just in the nick of time apparently, because although adding it was originally intended just as a simple way to poke fun at the whole “debt ceiling crisis” thing, I awoke this morning to a stark reminder of just how much that “countdown” actually applies to my personal life as well. You see, while I was sleeping, my cable provider was busy cutting off all of my services, including my TV, my telephone, and my Internet, because part of my bill for those services is over thirty days past due.

Obviously, since you’re reading a post I wrote today, I have managed to get my service turned back on. The “nice folks” at my cable company had apparently thought far enough ahead to make sure my phone would still be able to dial a couple of numbers: theirs and 911! Hey, they still want their money, right? And they definitely don’t want anyone suing over an inability to call for emergency assistance! So, to my great relief, I was able to call them to get a “six day extension” that temporarily restores my services until August 4th – one day after my next disability check is scheduled to arrive, and one day after the so-called “debt ceiling deadline” has passed as well!

Ironically, I’d already planned to post the song“Renegade”by Styx because it’s been looping around in my head ever since I heard that this political nonsense might actually prevent my next check from coming at all. Yeah, I know how unlikely that is, but that’s not a thought that a sick mind like mine can easily set aside. And, as if that wasn’t enough, the sense of impending doom I’ve been feeling has become even more pronounced since my son moved out, even though it would be much easier for me to survive alone with no income than it would be for the two of us. Go figure!

Anyway, after all that, I hope you can understand why the lyrics to “Renegade” seem even more relevant to me now than ever. I just wish I could believe those idiots in Washington, D.C. felt as great a sense of impending doom as I do, and as I know that many of you do as well!

Crank It Up People!

I want ice water.

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11 thoughts on “Countdown To Doomsday?

  1. Nice goin’ on the counter. The last time I wanted a countdown counter for something, I hit a brick wall. They all used javascript.

    I feel your pain on the anticipated check thing. I’m worried those fools won’t send me my SS check.


    • Here’s a thought: The first revolt in history ever to be comprised mainly of retired and disabled renegades! 😆

      I found only one other source of straight HTML countdown widgets, and that was The TickerFactory, which I used to create the “Mayan End Of The World” counter for my Chatter Box page. All the others used either javascript or iframe. What the hell is iframe?!?! 😯


  2. I really like that counter. I might steal that idea.

    But in regards to your post, it really does sicken me that there are people in D.C. making decisions for the whole country (or supposed benefit of the country), damn well knowing it doesn’t affect them in the least bit! And this is both Repubs and Dems.

    I’m so glad I’m an Independent.


    • Damned Demoplicans and Republicrats! Like the two faces on a worn out old coin that’s been “handled” by the rich for so long you can barely tell which side is which! 😡

      WidgetBox has a pretty wide assortment of cool widgets, but the subset that can be used here is rather small. Good luck! 😀


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