Cool SharkBreak Widgets

Check out these wonderful embeddable HTML widgets I found over at the SharkBreak™ Relax. Take a Shark Break!™ Online Aquarium.

“SharkBreak was designed to take you away from your crazy and busy life, so that you can enjoy a moment of relaxation. Shark Break also helps raise awareness for marine life conservation and ocean preservation, through a relaxing, creative, and fun online environment. Join other SharkBreakers in spreading the word about Shark Break – embed our mini-SharkBreak widgets into your MySpace comment, Orkut scrap, blog, website, or anywhere else online!”

Each widget offers a selection of nicely animated marine life that will follow your cursor around the widget using a very realistic swimming motion. The selections below have been embedded in this post using the gigya shortcode provided by, and are just a few of the many cool widgets available at the SharkBreak site.

This first widget appears to be the “primary” SharkBreak widget, which comes complete with five distinct “environments” and five types of marine “buddies” to play with:

Click here to get more mini-SharkBreak

This second widget is one of many “occasional” variations:

Click here to get more mini-SharkBreak

This third widget is one of several “clock” variants:

Help to Protect!Powered by

This fourth widget is one of several game variants, and allows you to play an undersea game of “match the hidden objects”:

Click here to get more mini-SharkBreak

This last widget is one of the more basic types that might be used in a narrow setting like your sidebar:

Click here to get more mini-SharkBreak

Here, I’ve scaled the 350 pixel by 500 pixel widget above down to a 180 pixel by 257 pixel size suitable for my 200 pixel maximum width sidebar:

Note that I’ve stripped off the bottom links, which might be hard to display in a confined space. If you scroll down far enough, you’ll see the same widget in my sidebar right now!

If anyone wants help adding these widgets to your blog, leave me a comment stating what you want to do and I’ll send a textsnip link for the required gigya code to the email address associated with your comment.

I want ice water.

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9 thoughts on “Cool SharkBreak Widgets

    • Thanks! I ran across the “primary” one on another site and thought they would make for a nice post for people looking to add something cool to their blogs. That gigya shortcode is really nice. I’ve even used it to “force” certain YouTube videos to play that wouldn’t when using the normal codes! 😀


    • I know what you mean. I was up all night, playing with them on the site, converting the embed codes, and then assembling this post. Great fun, but I eventually had to decide that enough was enough! 😀


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  2. I love the puffer fish! These are great, Izaak! Thanks. 🙂 (The lowest one made me a bit dizzy with the background moving at a different time to the fish, but that’s probably just me).


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