How People Really Spend Their Time On The Net

I found the image link below, which leads to a really cool animated infographic, in eSarcasm’s INFOGRAPHIC: How People Really Spend Their Time on the Net post:

The Interwebs are a fabulous thing. You know what’s more fabulous? Writing about how people are using the Interwebs, on the Interwebs, while other people are reading about how they use the Interwebs, on the Interwebs.

Also fabulous: Using stupid made-up phrases like “Interwebs” five times in three sentences. (Make that six times in four sentences.)

Which brings us to the following embedded infographic. We didn’t do squat to produce this infographic; that was done by an outfit calling itself Online Schools. But they asked (really, begged) us to republish it free of charge. And heck, if Mashable can take the bait, so can we. We’re not proud.

Warning: It’s a mammoth graphic and it uses HTML5. So if it breaks your computer, don’t come crying to us.

Clicking the image will open the page containing the infographic in a new tab or window.

State of the Internet 2011
Created by:

I’d actually seen the link to that infographic on a couple of other sites as well, but eSarcasm was the only one to include their own “special” brand of infographic accompaniment:

I want ice water.

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8 thoughts on “How People Really Spend Their Time On The Net

    • I’m not sure where that was in either graphic, but I reblog things that I think my readers might not have seen and I always try to provide links back to the posts themselves.


      • I’m talking about me doing that, not you. You always provide links. I sometimes forget in my haste to post……Then there are the people who are just thieves, but hey, it’s the Interwebs…


        • I don;t recall seeing anything like that on your blog, but I’ve certainly had my share of omissions – especially early on. Being the type who’d rather use the images and/or music that I associate with what I’m trying to express, as opposed to writing a bunch of words, my tendency is to go for the search engines first. But now that I’m more cognizant of providing source linkage, I’ve got all these images I’m afraid to post because I can’t remember where they came from! 😐


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