Sunday Spectacular

Here’s yet another great video (for my Visual Treats volume) from over at the Metousiosis blog:

[The Plain Sky. . .] is anything but. Randy Halverson presents some beautiful time-lapse video of the Milky Way over central South Dakota, where “ten seconds of the video is about 2 hours 20 minutes in real time.”

via The Plain Sky. . .

I want ice water.

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17 thoughts on “Sunday Spectacular

  1. Stunning stuff, but…

    the corn stalks at about 1 min in do look like CGI; any idea?

    Either way, very nice to watch!


    • It is so nice. Thanks for making me take the time to watch it again! 😀

      I hesitate to even speculate considering my limited knowledge of photography, but I wonder if that appearance could be the result of the kind of lighting used. I do know that bright lights and stargazing do not mix well, so perhaps Mr. Halverson was forced to use the kind that didn’t drown out the sky but made foreground objects look weird. 😕


    • Remember the old “In space, no one can hear you scream” thing? Well the universe can’t hear our pleas for help or our excuses. It just is. We are on our own, fully equipped to make a great ride of it, but with an equal capacity to choose oblivion as our destination. That’s what I see when I view things like this. Infinite potential. Infinite responsibility.


      • Venturing slightly off-topic, I love how Alien‘s tagline was, “In space no one can here you scream”, yet in the movie you can clearly hear the sound of engines firing or the Nostromo exploding.


        • Funny! I noticed that too. But then, I can’t recall a single movie or show that didn’t make the same mistake. Maybe 2001: A Space Odyssey or 2010: Odyssey Two? It’s hard to say, because my memories of their “outside the ship” scenes are filled with heavy breathing! 😯


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