It’s Been A Hard Day’s Night!

I was up late last night and I decided to watch the DVR recording I’d made of that new Franklin & Bash show. It turned out to be pretty good, but watching it ended up taking all night! Why, you ask? Well you see, one of the show’s co-stars, Mark-Paul Gosselaar, started playing an old song that I love on his guitar… And I just naturally had to go search for it on Youtube, and the video I found actually has the lyrics!

So I should be done and ready to to back to my show, right? Of course not! I can’t really remember how, but I actually ran across one of my all-time favorite songs while I was looking around. The problem was that it didn’t display the song’s lyrics, but it did have some awesome imagery that more than made up for the lack! So I set off the find the lyrics and to remember the code I used to display them in the little scroll box beneath the video. And that’s what ended up costing me the rest of my night…

You see, a lot of the lyrics sites have these neat little automatically scrolling display boxes for their lyrics, which I thought might look real nice in place of my usual box. Hell, I thought, I’ve gotten pretty good at converting gadget embed codes to work with the gigya shortcode thingy WordPress lets us use these days, so why not give it a try, right? Wrong!

It turns out that the embed codes I got from every lyrics site I tried displayed the wrong damned lyrics! Now it’s possible that you have to be a “member” of the site in order to get the right codes, but I wasn’t about to start creating new online accounts that I’d have to keep track of just to find out if that was true – especially considering that I’d probably have to try more than one to see which produced the best looking display. So I went looking for alternatives…

First I checked to see if I could just modify the code for my usual scroll box so that it would auto-scroll on it’s own. No luck there! So then I checked all the usual widget sites and found that the few I found that would actually do what I wanted all gave JavaScript embed codes – which WordPress doesn’t allow. By this time it was after 5am, I was very tired, and I still hadn’t finished watching my show!

Anyway… The show was good and here’s the song I went through all this over. I’m sorry that you’ll have to scroll the lyrics the “old fashioned” way, but I really hope you like it as much as I do:

Ah, oo
Ah, oo

In my own way I say too much
Love has a lonely way of leaving us
Outside a storm is brewing
I can hear the sound
And inside my heart is beating out loud
I can’t live on without her
I don’t wanna go on
Cause life has no meaning without her
I can’t wait that long

And tell me where can a man find such a woman
To give him all the love he needs in his heart
She’s there for his lovin
God knows he needs her so bad

And in my own time I’ve heard the call
I’ve seen so many roses bloom
And I’ve seen them fall
I know the things a man Must do to make him strong
I know the kind of love I’ve needed for so long

And tell me where can a man find such a woman
To give him all the love he needs in his heart
She’s there for his lovin
God knows he needs her so bad

All through the night she’s there
Just to treasure his love
That’s the life, high on the pleasure of love
That’s all right
God knows he needs her so bad
And maybe I am lost and I just can’t be found
Maybe it’ll be true love next time around
Maybe next time
Somebody tell me where can a man
Find such a woman
To give him all the love he needs in his heart
She’s there for his lovin
God knows he needs her so bad

I want ice water.

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11 thoughts on “It’s Been A Hard Day’s Night!

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  2. Ooh, I remember that L&O SVU episode. It was great.

    So you liked the show? I was wondering if it would be any good. I understand how it took you so long to watch it because I do that kind of thing all of the time: hear a song, put the show on pause, and go on a search. Love the 10cc’s song, but don’t know the second song.


    • I liked that episode, if you don’t count the scene where Mark-Paul Gosselaar gets to literally show his ass! I’ll have to see more before I decide if it’s a keeper or not. It definitely has enough odd personality combinations and outrageous conduct to make me watch the next episode! πŸ˜€


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