Remember – The Big Picture

This is part one of my Memorial Day series, all of which are aimed at providing a little perspective for our memories. This first post is meant to help us recognize just where we are in the grand scheme of things.

Need a bit more perspective? How about this:

I want ice water.

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7 thoughts on “Remember – The Big Picture

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  2. The wonder of the universe is that we exist at all. But the thing that struck me as I watched the first video was that we live on the prettiest planet/sun/star in that series, the one I’d have chosen just based on looks. (I know, I know, typical female response … )


    • I don’t know about the “typical female response” thing. Perhaps you think that way (as do I) because, on some deep level, we recognize the kind of environment that it takes for us to thrive. I suspect that every creature born of our environment would have the same reaction. We’re just fortunate enough to be able to verbalize it. 😀


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